Gas Mask Bong?

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  1. Should I buy one from my local store for $60?

    I need some pros and cons here.
  2. I can't think of a "pro" for those. Get a nice little bubbler off ETSY for the same price and be happier.
  3. Nop, not worth 60 bucks at all. They are a hassle, most people don't like to hit them, and they make you face sticky.
  4. Total waste of money.
  5. I've hit one before, its ight, but i wouldnt especially not for 60
  6. No, not at all. You could get something a LOT nicer for that money.
  7. Pros : it will get you high.

    Cons: will burn your eyes(if they are open)/fuck up your nostrils.

    gas mask bongs are more of a novelty then an actual toking tool, kinda just whip it out for the shock value..or wow factor.

    Buy a nice bowl,bubbler,or mini bong.
  8. people will smoke you up EVERY DAY youll make those 60 bucks back quick lol :smoke:
  9. this fo sho. couldnt say it better
  10. Nah don't get it .

    Agree with everyone else on it, not worth it..
  11. totally not worth it. the first thing you should realize is that the smoke will just be in the mask..your eyes are also in the mask. this is not a good combo.
  12. totally worth it. bought one for 50. shit was ridiculous. everyone wanted to party with it. it is a pain in the ass at times but when you get used to it and find a good way to handle everything it pays off. i would sit and get retarded with it.
  13. its like taking half your bud and throwing it away
  14. i agree only with this statement from here on out. lol

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