Gas mask bong.

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  1. I'm really considering making a gas mask bong but I'm not sure where to start. Can anyone tell me what kind of gas mask works best? And what kind if bong?
  2. Just buy one out of the GC shop.
    It'd be a helluva lot easier than making it yourself.
  3. Yeah but I don't have $80 to spend on one.
  4. A simple mod to any bong would entail using a mouth and nose oxygen mask and a length of tubing.

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  5. buy one or be banned!
  6. Israeli Civilian Gas Mask.
  7. You can buy them premade at tobacco shops.
  8. I just bought a oxygen mask and a gas mask off amazon!
  9. Amazon has em for cheap
  10. Dude.. they're a novelty.. any experienced toker would just laugh at the thought of one. You can barely breathe and if you use them everyday like you would a pipe or bong or anything you'll get terrible greasy pizza pimple face from the smoke. And it burns your eyes.
  11. I'm not talking about doing this every day. When I make it the bong will be detachable.

  12. Dont make one, just buy one. I recently picked up one off another website and it is insane.

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