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Gas from a lighter

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by bmxblaze, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. Is the gas from a lighter harmful? Even at the small amounts that you inhale when you light a pipe? I read this on the beeline hemp wire website but i thought that it might just be advertisement to sell their product.
  2. Butane isn't really good to be breathing in but as long as your lighters flame isn't green then all the butane is burning off.
  3. I used to wonder the same thing back whn I started toking, ur fine as long as your not tryin to huff it or somthin
  4. Well we are breathing in Carcinogens anyway. I am sure a little butane is not gonna harm us, unless u are sitting there inhaling it.

    I would wonder more if it will kill our high then the harms of it. lol
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    Get beeline!

    "It does require an external flame, candles work
    great when convienient . Lighters also work great.
    Let bee line take the butane hit for you, so you're
    not inhaling the butane gas and flint directly from
    the lighter. Skip the stinky chemicals released from
    matches altogether. "


    No seriously, beeline rocks. You can even make it yourself!

  6. I'm sure there's some chemistry behind this, any chance you can explain it?
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    If you're breathing the butane gas directly, without combusting it, that would be harmful (some people do this, it is an "inhalant" that when abused leads to extensive brain damage). However any hydrocarbon (butane, propane, etc) will combust in the presence of oxygen to water and carbon dioxide:

    2C4H10 + 13O2 ---> 10H2O + 8CO2

    Or more generalized for any saturated hydrocarbon:

    C(n)H(2n+2) + O2 ---> CO2 + H2O

    Long as you have a flame you'll be fine.

  8. This ^^^

    But lots of CO2 isn't very good either, but beeline won't help you there.

    I always felt better using beeline than butane anyways though.
  9. Butane poisoning sucks ass. I got it once while smoking salvia. It was my first time, and the person at the counter suggested I get a torch lighter because salvia requires a higher temperature I guess. Anyways, when I went to smoke the salvia, I was having problems with the torch lighter igniting. So while I was trying to spark it, the torch lighter is still shooting butane gas (that I am inhaling because I'm trying to smoke the salvia). I had a little salvia experience (it was only 5x) and then I got a whole boat load of negative symptoms. I got really nervous, had nausea, cold sweats, the whole thing. It lasted for about 1-2 hours and then I was fine. I thought at first that it was the salvia that did it, but after I looked it up online I found that I had butane poisoning, everything matched perfectly.

    So, moral of the story is don't inhale lots of butane through a torch lighter.
  10. You mean why the flame is green when the butane isn't fully combusting, i'm not really 100% sure but i remember hearing it had something to do with the flame not getting enough oxygen.

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