Gas, Brake, Dip

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  1. We call it Yolkin

    Im lifted like dumbell, bumpin some mac dreezy
  2. lol..haha

    Nothin' im just faded. Wanted to post some random shit.... Here it is... lol


    We accelerate then stop irradically, while driving irresponsibly. With an expression refered to as a THIZZ FACE, due to the sour taste of MDMA. Listening to the music artist, Mac Dre, all while going slightly dumb.

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  3. ghost ride that whip...

  4. Fuck that shit.

    Is all bout that swangin n bangin.

    Was doin that shit before work in my homies lincoln big body.

    Swang side to side ya herd.

    Swang and I swang and I swang to the left
    Pop-pop my trunk and yep yep yep

    I'ma swang and a swang and I swang to the left
    Pop my trunk for Fat Pat's death
    I would give my last breath if I could bring you back
    Bring Screw back, matter fact, bring the whole crew back
    Only God can do that so I'm gonna leave it alone
    Movin on, groovin to this soothin song
    I'm cruisin along, still got a Screw tape on,
    Still in the zone, wishin Corey Blunt was home
    Ridin on chrome, banging with my bub' lights on
    Ridin homes Southeast of the Astrodome
    I'm Fat Pat's clone, his legacy carries on
    His heart beat pumps through my flesh and bones
    Flippin with Trae, mobbin down MLK
    He's blue over grey, I'm tippin sellin duece today
    It's dub K, chiefin on some lovely
    And we on the Boulevard acting ugly, we gon
    Swang and I swang and I swang to the left
    Pop-pop my trunk and yep yep yep
  5. In a wide body, and I'm sitting so thoed
    Fresh set of glass, so I'm hogging up the road
    Diamonds on the wood, definition of gripping grain
    So I threw in a throwback Screw, and let that motherfucker bang
    I'm in a zone I boss when I floss, riding for the set
    And this paint that you see on this whip, is classified as wet
    And I bet that you gon respect it, 'fore it damage ya mayn
    Cause running off at the mouth, will get your car ran dead out the lane
    And that's the bidness mayn, better respect a G 'fore he click
    And I dropped the top the same time, I dropped the kit
    And for the hate, I still swang and I swang and I swang to the left
    Pop my trunk, yep-yep-yep-yeah.

    See i dont get this i popped some exstacy lets let our car drive down a hill and stand on top of it.

    Like what the hell?

    Ya know, Im bout that old school G shit.

    Get me a nice whip like this.



    Now roll ya up a fat blunt or whatever ya like, Now go crusie around. Go bout 15 miles a hour, Bumps pounding in the back, Jus swang to the left, Swang to the right. Real slow. We drive real slow so everybody sees ya. Ya see 15-20 cars riding round candy paint and the whole deal swangin n bangin all times a night, AND NOT ONLY IN HOUSTON!
  6. Hahahaha.

    If this is directed to me, NONE of those lyrics are mine. No, Only major label signed KNOWN artists.

    Tell em they cant rap when they making millions, Still on that underground tip.

    Your real intelligent buddy.
  7. when we pull up to the light the people all stare
    four *****s in the benz with the dredlock hair
    smoke everywhere waivin at mavericks
    with the woodgrain davens and the license plate rattlin
    doin what we want to hangin out the sunroof
    we mental we ignorant by we go dumb dude
    gas break dip we call it yokin
    do a donut in yo whip we call it ghostin
    get stupid its what we do
    ghost ride the whip while we dance on the hood
    im amped feelin good im hyphe
    with a bitch face and a thizz face off of nike
    the women like me im dipped in butter
    ill rob your brotha pimp the blood out your motha
    im mister stupid doo doo dumb
    sumthin terrible tell em how we come

    Slap in the trunk, always giggn

    Thizz or Die

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