Gary Johnson vrs Rand paul

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  1. Sorry peeps. My earlier topic was a typo. I meant to ask about Rand Paul, not Ron Paul. So here is the correct question...who would be the better presidential candidate, Gary Johnson, or Rand Paul?

  2. Gary over Rand, any day. :smoke:
  3. Rand isn't half the man his father was. I don't know what it is but he seems like he is full of shit. Reminds me of Obama when he was running. Someone else on another thread described it perfectly, he seems like a wolf in a sheeps skin.

    Plus I remember him saying that he doesn't support legalization, but would consider decriminalization,
  4. From what I've seen, Gary is a good man.
    Rand is just a stupid fuck like his father... Ron Paul is fucking dumb. If you only support him because of "legalization" then, please, read more into him.
  5. second response is about the weed situation...
    why is that one of the biggest stances a candidate can take for some people? legalizing marijuana should be last on the list of shit that needs to be fixed in this country. im not trying to fly off the handle but everyone on gc except a few were all "i wont vote for him he is against my weed!" last election and the one before that. i cant help but see it as sacrificing one thing for another which gets us no where.
    i think were so far down the shitter with idiots out voting for free phones, and handouts that the toilet will back up and well just have shitty water to clean up when its all said and done.
  6. Gary Johnson is a fucking G. Although I'm not sure I agree with some of his stances, he's by far the candidate I can agree most with.
  7. Beacuse hundreds of thousands of good, non violent people are getting fucked just because they posessed, smoked, grew pot. It is a BIG issue. The other issues that concern this country are far from "voting for free phones and handouts" The problem is almost every issue congress votes on is a handout to some corporate entity. Fuck them, and the corporation they sold out to. VOTE to legalize marijuana, end this insane prohibition against good people that simply want to destress after a hard day at the office.
  8. Neither. Green Party>
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    We aren't talking parties, we're talking individual people. Care to explain your answer a bit more?
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    I can't remember the Green Party candidate from the last election. If I could remember I wold, oh wait, it's JIll Stein. Sorry.

    She's big on enviromental issues - she knows about man-made climate change, and plans to battle it. (Pretty sure she did something with the Keystone XL pipeline protests and some other stuff)
    Protested private presidential debates.
    Gives the okay to Nugs.
    Isn't big-bank friendly.
    She's pro-funding for secondary education, and universal health care.
    Had a plan to reduce unemployment, I believe, to almost zero.
    Here's a summary of her 'Green New Deal'. I haven't followed anyone since the election, sorry.
    And the whole thing
    i can tell a lot about someone by their stance on legalization.
  12. lol im sure you can.
  13. Whoever comes out with the stance "fight climate change, grow more weed" has my vote
  14. Gary anyday. He's the only politician that i have agreed on like 80% with. And legalization should be pretty high up on a position a politician can take because cannabis being illegal is violating civil rights, human rights and is one of the biggest crimes of humanity that is happening right now. When people start to realize cannabis can solve our ecological crysis, give us bio-fuel, cure cancer, and etc then marijuana will be a high priority target for politicians and it SHOULD be high up on that list. People wanting marijuana legal so bad has a lot more to do than some stoners that want to get high.
  15. Please, elaborate...
  16. You can actually. Their stance on legalization shows you if they live in reality or a fantasy world. Because prohibition is not a realistic solution. If a candidate agrees with prohibition then it shows that they don't have the ability to distinguish between fantasy and reality.
  17. Ron Paul is an intelligent sincere honest man, traits that most politicians do not possess.  Gary Johnson's policies are not much different than Ron Pauls.  I don't support either just because of the legalization standards, but legalization goes hand and hand with being a libertarian.  I support about everything either of them say as a presidential candidate.  Ron Paul would make the perfect President.  He's not gonna make abortion illegal on a national level, that goes against being a libertarian :rolleyes: states rights ftw.  liberty.  which is what ron paul would do.  how is that bad?
  18. I could agree with Ron Paul on about 50% of his issues. I could also agree he was the best of a bad bunch during the last republican primaries. His son Rand is a watered down version of Ron only Rand has embraced the practice of snuggling up to corporate entities to achieve his goals, meaning he is now endebted to these corporations. I have not seen him take a true librertarian stance on any national policy. He has embraced conservative/republican/tea party platforms on almost every topic especially his disdain for America's first black president. He does NOT favor legalization of MJ as his father did, rather he takes a wishy-washy decriminalization approach so he can pander to the religous right. I have witnessed Rand in action as a KY Senator and he has disapointed me every step of the way.

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