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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by LedZeppelinToker, May 12, 2010.

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    Gary Johnson was recently on the Colbert Report and his main topic was that he wants Marijuana Legalized! Although Colbert was being a douche about it, it sounded like Legalizing Marijuana would be priority number 1 if he were to be elected President. The more i hear about this Johnson guy the more I like him. He's got my vote in 2012!


    My favorite part is when he says "The government lied to me"
  2. Colbert is a pretend dousch, he just acts like the moron opp to anything. I saw it, thought it was good.
  3. Hell yes! Johnson for President!
  4. Do we believe Colbert was being serious when he mentioned this "rumor?" I have to admit my bong and I were giddy with excitement when we heard this mentioned at the end of the interview last night.
  5. If colbert had a nurse treating crack babies withdrawl on he would say "don't the babies love it?" I think he showed support buy having him as his only guest and giving him the time.
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    well he has two websites up :hello:

    and here's his stance on drugs from that website.. i like this guy
  7. Dude people besides Colbert have been throwing his name around. Hannity asked him the same thing last week.

    Johnson for America -- Gary Johnson for President 2012

    Hmm....looks like he's testing the waters. Come on America, let him know it's time for him to jump in!
  8. Wow I didn't see anything I didn't like on his site. Maybe we got a stunner in 2012.
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    Is this guy actually running? I really like him minus a couple issues
  10. He seems almost too good to be true. Im gonna keep watching him though.
  11. A republican who wants to legalize? He won't make it through the primaries.
  12. i like this guy. finally, a politician who has a good head on his shoulders and is actually listening to the people.
  13. This guy vs Ron Paul for presidency. We can't lose :smoking:

  14. Unfortunately we couldn't have that since they'd both be running as Republicans, but having any pro-legalization candidate running on the Republican side would be huge for the movement.
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    Is this guy lining up a run for president? i have seen him everywhere lately.

    edit: just read some of the comments, i dissagree with him on certain issues (privatisation of prisons for example) but he would be a great republican candidate. unfortunatly i think the socially conservative republican base would do almost anything to stop this guy getting elected.

  16. And this is why the 2 party system is such a joke.
  17. I agree with those above me that said this guy will never make it out of the primary. The Republicans would never give him the nomination. Nope they will just keep putting up guys like John McCain thinking that that's what America wants to vote for.

    A party wiling to embrace new ideas is what America wants to vote for. That was made clear with all of Obama's hope and change bullshit. Too bad we all bought into it and got another lying douche bag to lead us. :mad:
  18. my heart lept when he said "i think the government should tell us the truth about drugs"!!!
  19. I watched it... And I'm glad there are more people in Washington like this, but still, dare I say, Ron Paul 2012 lol
  20. Not all of us bought into the bullshit:D

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