Gary Johnson on Colbert Report

Discussion in 'Politics' started by tbone963, May 11, 2010.

  1. Damnit, i don't know how I missed this! + REP! :hello:
  2. The more I see of Johnson the more I like.

    I disagree with his overall view on abortion, but I think his position gives enough to pro-lifers that pro-lifers could support him against an anti-life baby eater like Obama.

    Kicking the issue down to the states (where it belongs anyways)
  3. I'm pro choice, and boy do I sure love eating those fetuses! Toast em, Roast em hell you can even fry them! Slather one with butter for breakfast, delicious and nutritious. This is of course after I kill my neighbor, because im not just pro right to choose, I'm anti life in general. In fact, im so anti life that after I do all this I kill myself. :rolleyes:
  4. I like his stance. He stands on facts and not lies. I hope he does rum in 2012. I will vote for him. He will not win but he will definitely make it very interesting. he will bring legalization to the forefront of the campaign. Then we can hammer the other candidates on the lies they continue to tell.
  5. i agree i take my girl up thier for birth control and have these hatefull anti freedom religious assholes who have people come in balling thier eyes out.

    i went out thier one day finaly after seeing them tell a girl she was a sinner and going to hell(as if it wasnt already a hard choice to get a abortion) and was like "listen here you biblical fuckwad how about instead of makeing teenagers with hard lives cry you take youre 6 months old child out of the 98 degree florida heat and act like a good parent.

    i hope they reserve the lowest spot in whatever hell you believe in for you."
  6. i hope he does run. i want to see him and ron paul debate, because at this point im torn between them.

    i hate being an independent in PA, i cant vote in primarys :eek:

  7. That's why you have a Zoidberg avatar!
  8. I kind of liked how he expressed his stance around marijuana prohibition. He didn't dance around any questions or derail conversation with irrelevant shit.

  9. In his interview with Hannity he was really honest. He said he had a choice to make when asked about his marijuana usage. He could either lie. Or he could tell the truth. And he would rather tell the truth and lose than lie and win.
  10. Nah, thats because futurama is the tits :hello:
  11. decent interview, im always disappointed in pro-marijuana interviews because i think i can argue the points better than whoever is beig interviewed

    but oh well :smoke:
  12. this^

  13. Obama supported murdering a baby that survived the original attempt to murder it. I dont know, typically people see that sort of evil as a bad thing.
  14. I'm not a obama supporter, and I too wish he was not president. I was just pointing out his rediculous exageration and down right lies. Thats like me calling him a Freedom hating bastard who thinks women should just get back in the fucking kitchen because he is a pro life.

    (I believe in the case the baby survives the abortion and can live on its own, just put it up for adoption if the parent does not want it)

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