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    Anyone ever hear of the former New Mexico Governor, Gary Johnson? Gary E. Johnson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In office from 95-03, Johnson has been a leading voice of dissent against the war on drugs and has gained a great reputation from pro-legalization groups such as NORML. Even Marc Emory has stated he would like to see a 2012 run from him.

    There has been some speculation that he may be the heir to the "Ron Paul revolution", as they hold a similar ideology (anti-war libertarians) and Johnson endorsed Paul's presidential run. He has proven his integrity and electability through two terms. Johnson has said that he is considering a run in 2012, and I think by that election we may have a perfect storm in the political world to actually allow him to have a real shot at the nomination.

    The guy has a real interesting life as well, starting out as a door-to-door handyman and eventually starting up his own business (conveniently named "Big J") which was successful enough to fund and win his own race to the governorship of a heavily Democratic state. Physically, the guys pretty much a badass. After his governorship he climbed Mount Everest. He is a fan of hang-gliding, parachuting, and runs, bikes, or swims two hours every day, a routine he starts at 5 AM, and even did so while he was governor.

    We need a man like this in Washington, hell we need more governors like this.

    Interview with Governor Gary Johnson

    [ame=]YouTube - Ron Paul Rally For The Republic Gary Johnson Part 1[/ame]
  2. Nice! I hope John, Rand Paul, and Schiff win in their states this coming mid-term. Would be nice to have more a more balanced Congress.
  3. sigh

    someone like this needs to be president

  4. Yeah bitch get loud!, all these dumb little hoes thinking the two party system will fix itself, it aint, and you have got to get to that realization, they all look like triangles to me, someone needs to demolish it, its like a giant ponzi scheme thats gone on to damn long, poeple just to damb dumb, thats the only way they can bring back humanity.
  5. I live in new mexico, let me tell you this guy is a bad ass!! He climbed mt everest. He runs triathelons and he was the best govener we have ever had!! puts the slob we have now to shame> He has my vote.
  6. I like him but I'd have to hear more of his actual policies before saying I'd vote for him.... I'd probably vote for him :smoke:

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