Garfunkel Busted for Pot Possession

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  1. Garfunkel Busted for Pot Possession

    ALISON M. ROSEN, People


    Garfunkel had a small amount of marijuana in his jacket pocket when police stopped his limo Saturday.

    Parsley, sage, rosemary and ... reefer?

    Art Garfunkel, 62, one half of the legendary singing duo Simon and Garfunkel, was charged with marijuana possession after police pulled over his limo for speeding in upstate New York on Saturday, according to published reports. The marijuana was found in his jacket pocket, police said.

    Garfunkel, who was riding alone, was stopped by state troopers 55 miles southwest of Albany in Hurley, N.Y., at around 12:20 p.m., reports the Daily Freeman of Kingston. Police say they smelled marijuana after approaching the limo.

    State police Capt. Louis Babaria Jr. said the trooper who stopped Garfunkel didn't know why the singer was in Ulster County. He also didn't know who Garfunkel was at the time, despite Garfunkel telling him he was a celebrity.

    Garfunkel faces a $100 fine, unless he's had a conviction in the last three years, which police didn't comment on, the Associated Press reports. He was given the option of appearing in court Jan. 28, responding by mail or having a lawyer appear for him.

    Garfunkel recently reunited with singing and writing partner Paul Simon and the two completed a U.S. concert tour, which was their first in 20 years. The 1960s duo, famous for such songs as "The Sounds of Silence," "Mrs. Robinson" and "Old Friends," have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

  2. Simon and Garfunkel have the most peaceful music out there. I think this is just more proof that good people get high without turning into the crazed maniacs that reefer madness suggests.

    Stoners are peaceful and intelligent people for the most part. Imagine the world if everyone was high. It would even slow life down a bit! :)
  3. lmao!!! u said it!! i love simon and garfunkel. very peaceful music.
  4. I was gonna post this earlier but only had a crappy aol article about it...just another notable victim of the drug war, maybe if they keep going after celebrities we'll have enough martyrs to get attention.
  5. exactly what i was thinking!!

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