Gardox nutriculture amazon 8 pots + spectra cob9 540w

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  1. Hi guys i'm new here, i'm italian follower and i would to share my experience (in progress)


    2 Chrystal M.E.T.H. - Destroyer (Cannabiogen), crossed with Critical Mass (Bilbo) - Dr. Underground
    1 Critical 2.0 - Critical + x Resistant Critical + feno - Dinafem
    1 Juanita la Lagrimosa - Reina Madre x Diesel x Afghan/Hawaiian - Raggaeseeds
    1 Tuthankamon - A selection of AK 47 - Pyramidseeds

    after 18 days i added

    3 Skunk #1 -Sensiseeds


    1x1x2mt tent
    Spectra COB 9 dimmerable from 30w to 540w.
    1 "Aeroponic" amazon nutriculture 8 pot
    3 pot size 11lt with coco
    1 fan clip 2 speeds
    1 cooling fan for extraction 15cm - 305 m3/h without carbon filter (no smell problem for me)
    Fert: Advanced nutrients hobbyst pack ph balanced + ph down/ph up + bloombastick atami
    Phmeter e ecmeter: milwaukee ph 600 - cd 611
    Illumination: 12/12 from seed
    Water: demineralized 50% plus 50% by tap

    This is the condition:


    19 days from seeds


    Now the ph is 5.9, EC 1.7, water temp 19° and with lamp off 18°, on 26°

    I start with 150w, after 15 day i raised to 250w.. now it's 400w and in the finish i'll raise to 540w.

    I need some help cause i don't know if i have to start with defoliation, any suggest???

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  2. New photos after defoliation!





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