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  1. Here is a topic I haven't been able to find a thread on but would be immensely helpful to me from those more knowledgeable. I need to buy a shovel and probably one of those forks at the bare minimum I believe. Something to mix my 150 gallon pot of soil with at least. I do not know where to start! Wood/Plastic? What's with all the different handle shapes, lengths, and makes, the different spade shapes...I am totally lost. Which are good brands? Home Depot/Lowes, online, other? What lasts a long time and doesn't just fall apart after 1 use? Any and all information is welcome and greatly appreciated please do share! Thank you.
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  2. Anything with a steel handle or shaft is good

    get a spade and garden fork as tall as you belly button is

    some you tube vids will help

    spade turns over and can move soil

    shovel heart shape moves soil

    garden fork mixes and turns soil

    good luck
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