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  1. Alright folks its time to geut this season started. I am from Massachusetts which means the weather is finally almost ready to start growing. For thoese who havent seen any of my posts, i am doing an outdoor swamp grow becuse i have massive acres of private wetlands by my house so there turely is a 0% percent chance of anyone else finding them.

    I have seen many different ideas all over the internet but it was very hard to find actual results. So basically im just trying a bnuch of methods and seeing what happens. I am using home made swamp tubes that consist of fense that has been bent into tube shapes and then wrapped with a green tarp material. they are then filled with different combinations of soils. They range in height from about 2 to 3 feet high. I also have 1 1/2 foot tall plastic tubes that i grabbed as well as two 5 gallon buckets, each is full of soil and pushed down into the swamp.

    I tested the PH and it seems just about rite actually. In the swamp there is alot of muck at teh bottom which is all just broken down leaves and other orangic material. Soils i used are a mix of my homemade compost which produces a great dark rich soil full of worms. I also have bought bags of a few different companies organic soils as well as a little bit of menoure.

    hmmm. this is all i can think of rite now.... check back reguarally... i will post pictures of the grow site and tubes tomorrow.....

    I would appreciate help but if ur just gonna tell me it wont work then just dont say anything, i am using this year as a starting point and am trying many different methods.... THANKS!
  2. Sounds interesting...I'm in. Good luck :hello:

  3. Thats a good idea mate. i also have a swamp behind my house (grew there also last year). Decent results. Just watch out for floods of rain. i was so glad i kept mine in pots, or they would of been fucked!
  4. yea im not too worried about flooding. the area has a way of just working itself out. We get the most rain now (april showers lol) and its not that bad, i build the tubes nice and tall to keep things safe. I have different sized tubes to see how much the water will actually effect the grow. thanks guys!!!! ill def post pics tomorrow so u can see what my area looks like.
  5. ahhh....... the joys of having property ;)

    officer! i knew those little neighborhood kids were up to something back their!
  6. Yo Man nice to see another MA grower around here. :wave:
    This year I think I might attempt a swamp grow as well (still in the works) but I plan on using a mix of peat moss and some nice soil in grow bags. Anyways, I'm definitely watchin, best of luck! :smoke:
  7. thanks guys! and THEPOT, i didnt use any peat except for the little that was in some of the soil mixes. Im not sure what kinds of swamp ull be growing in but i think there will always be enough water and peat might actually keep the plants too saturated. If ur swamp is anything like mine, it may look like the water is only a few inches deep but it is actually like two feet of water with lots of muck... well im just rambleing now... let me know how urs turns out maybe we can perfect it this year and next year have crazy 6 foot plants! haha

    I was too lazy to take pics today cuz i still have to bring a little more soil out which is a pain! trudging through swamp in boots is so tireing!!

  8. I also live in mass and am also doing a swamp grow. Well mines a marsh so I caalnt use the water to feed my plants cause it's salt water. I'm just using 5 gallons buckets and placing them on a shipping pallet. No one ever goes out there LOTS of sunlight. But do you think I'd have to worry about slugs if there's salt water around and the ground is salty?
  9. Thanks for the tip. I'm not really sure how dry/wet it gets as of yet. When I went out there it looked wet and as I was walking through there seemed to be a bit of water under the grass and stuff, but as far as max/min water not positive. Was also leaning towards peat moss cause its really cheap compared to most soil.
  10. Ok guys heres a few of the containers, theres 9 total... 5 of the tall green ones, 2 of the little black ones, and two 5 gallon buckets. as u can see theres a good amount of water with little islands around them. even in the summer when there is a little less water, but its so muckey theres really like over a foot of watery muck. what do u guys think?



  11. only problem i can see is drainage... your going to have alot of fungus and shit in your soil from it being wet consistently
  12. yeah thats what im thinking.. but the green ones are really high so i mean the only root that will be in wet soil is the biggest tap root which loves water. oh well lets see what happens!
  13. hey man everything is looking mint so far.. im starting my first grow in a swamp this year in new england as well. i was wondering if you know any bugs or shit that there is to worry about when growing in a swamp?
  14. Coolness man, looks good. Good luck on this.
  15. just an update.... things are going well im trying a bunch of ways to start my babies. most are in the jiffy pellet starters and doing well. i started one directly in the swamp tube (pictured below) I also tried starting some in the moist moss that grows in the swamp. They all started well and sprouted fast but as soon as the second set of leaves began to grow like in the picture. they then got really thin rite below the leaves and died. any ideas why? too much water? bugs?

  16. You should of started some inside. Man that gives me a idea! :p
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    The plants are all doing well, maybe even better than i planned, knock on wood. The picture above of the little guy that is already planted in the tube is doing awesome. We had like 3 really hot days over the weeked (into the 90s) which doesnt usually happen this time of year. But since im in the swamp there was plenty of water and the plants flourished.

    heres where im at
    I have 5 of the tall tubes. and 4 small. I put a plant in 2 of the 5 tall ones to see if they grow faster in the tube or in the pellets. So far i think they are doing much better in the tubes and i think i will try to get a plant into all 9 of the tubes by the end of next week. I think it will be better then stressing the plants by trying to move them. The tubes have great soil and just enuff water. Ill post pics next monday cuz im expecting by them they will all be large sprouts with the second set of leaves getting big.
    hows everyone else from New england doing, i would love to compare to make sure im on pace.
  18. Looks good. I'm experimenting w/ swamp growing this year also. Using 5 and 18 gallon containers.They have been planted for a week now and seem to be doing good. It worries me that the soil will be moist all the time also, but so far so good.Good luck w/ your grow, I'll be watching and rooting for you.:smoking:
  19. Im very intrested in this experiment but personally, without drainage its almost certain you will eventually be faced with a root rot problem. I never understood why peopl do this swap grow but i understand sometimes a spot is either to good not to grow in it or its there only option...Worst case scenario....your plants get huge...start to develop root rot and you have to transplant....Very cool idea it will be intresting to see how it all pans out..Mr lots and I are sceptics until proven wrong.....keep us updated K+ on the ingenuity:hello:

    Stay safe


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