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Gardener's Question Time: Keeping The Weed Up

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by weedboss, Mar 26, 2003.


    So you want to grow your own pot. The rather astonishing news that most of the marijuana now consumed in England and Wales is actually grown here raises the possibility that the UK could become 100% pot self-sufficient in a few years, perhaps even a net exporter, but how does the beginner get started? Is it as easy as it sounds?

    Internet advice on cannabis cultivation is the sort of thing one might expect from a loose-knit group of well-intentioned potheads: there are a number of sites which have been "under construction" since the late 1990s, as well as dozens more, such as the promising-sounding Dave's World of Ganja, which are no longer available. From this alone, one might surmise that growing your own pot can't be too demanding, or else devotees would never get round to it, but in fact the process is far from simple.

    Cannabis is a tropical plant. In the UK it needs to be grown in a sheltered, sunny position, better still a greenhouse, or better still indoors under lights. The latter has obvious advantages if one wishes to harvest discreetly, away from the prying eyes of those who would wish to remind one that the cultivation of cannabis is an offence under section six of the UK Drugs Act 1971.

    It is said, more for educational purposes than for anything else, that a space the size of a wardrobe will yield enough pot for personal use.

    The seeds themselves are easy enough to come by. It is only illegal to germinate them, and lots of companies offer seed from Dutch commercial breeders, "sold as souvenirs only", for about UKP10 for 10. Northern Lights, described as "the Queen of stabilised hybrids" with a high that is at once "narcotic" and "quite cerebral" is one of the more popular varieties available. Others include Shiva, New Power Plant ( "giggly, uplifting" ) and Super Skunk.

    A basic lighting rig can be had for about UKP125. A complete "hydrostation" - - lights, hydroponic trays, pump, tank, fertilisers - costing UKP260 from Basement Lighting, will suffice for 10 to 12 plants. You'll also need an extractor fan for ventilation. Plants require 18 hours of light per day to start off with, and take seven to eight weeks to reach maturity. After that the amount of light must be reduced to trigger flowering. Male plants should be removed as soon as they are identified. As if this weren't enough, cannabis is susceptible to grey mould, spider mites, whitefly and aphids. Someone called Sensi Sid recommends controlling aphids with a solution of water and liquid soap, but be warned: it is illegal to make your own pesticides.

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