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  1. Hello everyone. Ive seen alot of new members around the forum this year. Im one of those GC growers that shows up in may and dissappears in a cloud of smoke *lol* in october. So let me introduce myself, I am a new england grower who specializes in swamp growing. Ive actually met a few people in real life who have mentioned my techniques theyve tried from GC. It was quite a compliment. My theory has always been simple is better. It makes me laugh when i see people spending hundreds on supplies and chemicals just to harvest a few ozs of decent bud. The key is to know everything about the area you are growing in and have a concrete plan of action that changes slightly each year, as you gain more knowledge. I grow in the wet, damp, mucky swamp where conditions are far from ideal and things can change at anytime depending on rain or drought. Spending an average of $50 dollars a year on supplies is all i believe is necessary (plus the cost of clones and seeds).

    *2011 Outdoor Grow Outline*
    -My soil is a combination of two different types of homemade organic compost.
    -Rice Husks have been added as a perlite replacement becuase perlite sucks duh!

    -I will be brewing different kinds of compost teas throughout the season. This years research will be to create a few excellent and unique compost tea recipes. I want to tap into the great microorganisms found in the swamp to create some some really cool teas

    -My list of plants is not yet finished. I will update this when they are in my possession. It just depends which types i feel like trying. maybe some Autoflower sour 60s, maybe some blue dream, etc. idk yet.
    -Anyone recommend 60 day autoflowers?

    That is all for now. Not sure how many pictures ill put up this year or how many updates ill do. Im not going to call this a journal but more of a place for updates.
  2. oh and whats up with the "Likes" thing, what is this facebook? haha I prefer rep points thanks, so i will not be using the "Likes" icon. haha unless i get high and forget :wave::hello:
  3. Good to se you started another journal bro GoodLuck :wave::smoke:
  4. I just went over both of your threads..

    very cool way to grow.

    I remember hearing stories of my cousins growing in/near a swamp up in maine.

    well, good luck on this years grow!


  5. Hello thanks guys! Cordor, good luck this year. you know ill be paying close attention to your thread! And Kaos welcome! Im liking the cfl grow!
  6. Thank you sir.

    Just curious cause i dont think i saw it posted, what did u pull from last years crop?
    You had a few 6ft + monsters that im sure put out for ya.
  7. Subbed for this one. I remember last years swamp tubes. Will you be using the same spot this season?
  8. good luck, cant wait to see it progress
  9. To tell you the truth I'm not exactly sure. The fatter bushey 5 foot tall plants produced 3-4 oz while the tall 6-7 foot tall skinnier ones were 2-3 oz's. I believe i did 9 plants.... i forget haha soo i think it was rite around a lb. The number 1 thing i learned last year was that i should have topped my plants more. The height of the plant is way less important than the width. So more topping plus my fishy compost teas plus rice husks should be the perfect improvements!

    My favorite was the Berry Kush, so sweet and so potent! My next favorite was the Big Buddah Cheese! It smelled so crazy! the high didnt last as long and made me slightly more tired.:smoke:

    Hello and thanks!:wave: I will be in the same swamp using the same tubes but as for location... Ill never tell! haha I actually cut new spots in each winter and try to let mother nature take its course for a year to let the spots look as natural as possible. Since its a dense swamp that no one walks through, cutting clearings in can be sketchy.
  10. " The number 1 thing i learned last year was that i should have topped my plants more. The height of the plant is way less important than the width. "

    You dont know how right you are my friend. Follow that train of thought this summer and watch how much it improves your yield from last year, Just dont forget to lend your plants extra support if its needed once those heavy buds start weighing down those branches
  11. Hi Gardener,

    Good luck to you this year man!
  12. Oh i know. I topped 2-3 times per plant last year. this year ill be much less afraid of hurting my girls. As i said tall plants dont mean as much as bushy ones!

    Thanks Corto id say good luck to you but ur past needing luck, im sure ull have another good year like always!
  13. Fellow NE grower here, will definitely be watching. Best of luck man :wave:

    I should have a journal up soon myself
  14. Hey TP! i was wondering when id see you pop up! You know im always watching your grow. Glad your back fro another year!

  15. Haha yea lack of indoor runs keeps me mostly lurking until the spring lol
  16. Whats going on with this gardener?
  17. hello, absolutely nothing new to report. This damn new england weather is killing me. This will be the latest ive ever planted. just too much rain and clouds to plant yet. Im just taking this time to work on different compost teas and testing them on my veggie gardens. Hopefully ill have some plants in over the long weekend. Lets pray to the sun gods!
  18. Hey Gardener :wave: So has the weather gotten any better? How's the plantz and how are you doing?

  19. Hello! The weather has finally gotten better, over a week of nice HOT weather. The plants are all in the ground and the compost teas are brewin! I have baby Durban Poison clones and some good bag seeds. Everything is small and not worthy of pictures yet! I will update with some nice pics sometime in the near future. THanks for askin buzzz!
  20. Good to hear things still rollin' in your neck of the woods. I'm in the same boat, nothing quite picture worthy lol. Weather looks great as far as I can see! :)

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