Garden state

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  1. Garden state

    I feel like the whole plot of Garden state has been my life story up until know (minus my mom being in a wheelchair) it's definatly got to be one of my favourite films, Zach Braff directed and starred in it, the simply gorgeous Natalie Portman also starred in it and my guy method man got a minor role, what more could you ask for! anyone else rating this movie?

  2. read a little about the plot. im def gonna check it out:smoke:

  3. if you haven't seen it i would definitely recommend it. also has an awesome soundtrack if you like indie music.
  4. Yeah, if there is one thing Braff does well it's pick music. This movie as well as scrubs.
  5. Ya to this date I have yet to find a movie with a better soundtrack. Every scene with a song in it is so cohesive and natural. Beautiful movie. Definitely one of my top 10 ever.
  6. It was definitely a great movie for being a chick flick.

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