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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by free the hemp, Jun 16, 2002.

  1. Hey Woody -

    Thought I'd come by and pay you a visit here.

    Here's some things I've been working on:



    Blue Haze


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  2. blue haze room

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  3. On the left is an unknown sativa, the rest are MH-4 colas drying.

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  4. I'm disapointed in this site -

    I posted my pics a week ago and not one reply :(
  5. hey man thats really sweet your lucky to have a grow like that. I can't wait till i can.

  6. I'm very sorry to hear that...personally...I'm even puzzled a bit...I know I get busy too...I don't get to OG as much as I used to.....but I would have thought someone would reply...again sorry man....

    So let me say..thanx for stopping by....nice garden pics...looks good....and I have to ask,, how did that mh-4 taste?

  7. Hey Ndica! Does Woody still mod over here?

    Thanks for the nice words, it's appreciated! :D

    The MH-4 tastes real piney; the smoke knocks you out.

    Here's some more pics for your viewing pleasure:

    the Rainbow strain (purplette), MH-4, among others..

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  8. that was the rainbow sativa, it's pretty good. Mold resistant and quick finishing with a clear and 'get up and go' high.

    This is a G-13 x HP cola:

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  9. more rainbow sativa

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  10. hope you enjoyed.

  11. sweet jesus...... and to think, someday. somewhere, i'll be lucky enought to not only grow my own bud so i dont go bankrupt, but even do all kinds of fancy shit like finding g13 seeds and what not. i wouldnt even know where to come into contact to buy this kind of stuff, much less cultivate it.
  12. go to the sensi seedbank in holland (or any number of online retailers) and purchase G13xHashplant seeds.

    Then grow fine herbs in the comfort of your own home!
  13. wow! Amazing plants you got there man! :D

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