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  1. -1st hydroponic grow
    -Deep water culture system
    -Five gallon bucket (reservoir)
    -Technaflora nutrients
    -Mars Hydro 144X5 Reflector (310 watts)

    Hello everybody. Today is the 64th day of Veg for my Barney's Farm Vanilla Kush (Afghan X Kashmir lineage). I will most likely be switching to flower In 2-3 weeks so I figured it's never too late to still start a journal. I'm mainly documenting my journal for two reasons:
    - For myself to look back on and improve.
    -To obtain help from experienced growers so I can enter and finish the flowering stage with a healthy and maximized yielded plant!

    She is currently 20"X19"X8" (3,040"²) and has been LST'd ever since after 30 days of VEG.
    I still have a lot of branches to tie down and some cleaning up to do of some decaying leaves. (Previous PH drop issue)

    LED on:


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  2. Just topped off the reservoir. She definitely is a drinker!!


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    This is my vanilla Kush on her 80th day of VEG. I've been wanting to switch her over to flower but I want to switch her over to flower when she is her healthiest!! I only Vegged her for so long so I could hope to get a huge Yield In the future. Any input on what the deficiencies or lockout or any information that can obtain to her situation is greatly appreciated. :)

    Temp: 78° doesn't pass 80° lowest is 70°
    Rez temps always cool switching water bottles every few hours
    Techna flora nutrients at 1/2 strength (the recipe for success)

    Humidity is always around 26 -35%. Hard to always bring this up.

    Normally the PH stays between 5.7 and 6.1 but lately for about the past 2-3 days the PH drops to 5ish to upper 4's every 3 hours and I don't know why.

    Unfortunately no PPM meter. I want to get one but don't have the funds for a fancy one. Maybe a $20 one but don't even know of one reliable enough. Once again thanks for any input!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

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  4. Well the Garden of Music will be switching to flower in about an hour. :) [​IMG]

    Left- Chocolate Heaven 68th day from seed (G13 Labs) 13in by 15in by 6in (1,170 inches squared or 0.7548372 meters squared)

    Center- Vanilla Kush 92nd day from seed (Barney's Farm) 20in by 20 in by 12 in (4,800 inches squared or 3.096768 meters squared)

    Right- Blue Venom 68th day from seed (G13 Labs) 14 inches by 14.5 inches by 6 inches (1,218 inches squared or 0.7858049 meters squared)

    Light- 144X5 LED Mars Hydro Reflector 300 actual watts (bought online through eBay and I honestly didn't mind having to pay a bit more, since I had a horrible experience previously trying to order the reflector series light from Mars Hydro on their actual website.)

    Current Temperature- 76° Fahrenheit (24.4444°Celsius)

    Temperature Range- . The temperature has not exceeded 80°F, and has not reached below 64°F.

    Water- Tap water that has been aerated for 24 hours and then PH'd within a range of 5.6 and 6.3
    I then like to call this my "fresh" water or "flushing" water. (Because basically just depends on the PH of the reservoir. If the reservoir that I am going to be filling up or adding to is slightly more alkaline, then I create my fresh water a tad towards the 5.6 side; but obviously if my PH of the Plant's reservoir is leaning toward the acidic side I make my fresh water closer to 6.3
    I ALWAYS flush with 24 hour aerated water that has been PH'd to 6.0

    Air- Unfortunately the air is a bit more on the dry side. (Has to do with where I reside) For my airflow/ventilation I do have the window on the opposite side of the room open with one oscillating fan facing the plants from ground level. (About 8 feet away)

    Current Humidity- 23%

    Range of humidity- The humidity has not exceeded 37% and has gotten as low as 16%.

    * I feel that this may have been a slight reason as to why my plants grew a bit slower than some, but so far I still have had pretty quick growth and amazing results using hydroponics Deepwater culture. Although I do hear that I should have my humidity in the 60% range during VEG.... I also hear that it is bad to have humidity too high.
    Well with my humidity being slightly lower than what is usually recommended I'll take that rather than molding my crop. Plus, in the flowering stage I was told you don't want your humidity high at all, so if this is true (which my guess would be yes because once again as mentioned above I believe would lead to mold problems) then I'm happy to be in the clear.

    Nutes/feeding- TechnaFlora Recipe For Success at half strength of the recommended dose.

    Additional pics and some questions I have will be posted shortly but first have to make a trip to the store before lights out occur for the babies.

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  5. Well here is a quick update before I go into work.

    Here is the whole garden

    vanilla Kush


    A question I do have though since this is my 1st DWC and I am still fairly new to growing is...


    Should I cut these branches off ? Are they doing any good for the plant ? Such as holding nutrients ? Or is that only in the leaves ? Are they just taking up space and minimizing my yield ?? I'm shooting for the biggest yield I can get!! Thanks. Any input is greatly appreciated.

    * hope to have an update and closer pics on the Blue Venom and chocolate heaven soon!! Just always so lazy and tired from working so much

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  6. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Here is an update on the chocolate Heaven. I think she will be the 1st one ready to harvest at the rate she is moving

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  7. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Well Vanillla Kush has passed her 30 day mark in flower so almost halfway there.... Although since I'm a new grower was wondering is this normal? The yellowing of the leaves?

    Humidity 39%
    Temps 75-80

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