Garden Herbs That Repel Harmful Pests

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    For those who garden out there, I just thought it would be helpful to have a list of herbs that can also repell pests in your gardens. Intermingled in the garden, herbs can keep vegetable crops free of most pests. Here's a short list that I'll keep adding to:

    Basil- Prevents against Asparagus Beetles, Tomato Heartworms and Thrips. How to Grow Basil

    Chives- Prevents against Aphids, Spider Mites and Japanese Beetles. How to Grow Chives

    Cilantro- Prevents against Aphids, Spider Mites and Colorado Potato Beetle. How to Grow Cilantro

    Dill- Prevents against Aphids, Spider Mites and Cabbage Moths. How to Grow Dill

    Garlic- Sulfur compounds created by garlic will prevent against Aphids, Spider Mites and a variety of ground insectsHow to Grow Garlic

    Mint- Prevents against Ants, Aphids, Cucumber beetles, flea beetles, imported cabbage worms, rodents, squash bugs and white flies. How to Grow Mint

    Oregano- Repels cabbage butterflies and cucumber beetles. How to Grow Oregano

    Parsley- Prevents against Carrot flies and asparagus beetles. How to Grow Parsley

    Rosemary- Prevents against imported cabbage worms and slugs. How to Grow Rosemary

    Sage- Wards off bean beetles, slugs, carrot flies and cabbage moths. How to Grow Sage

    Thyme- Repels cabbage worms, carrot flies and attracts beneficial insects to the garden. How to Grow Thyme
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  2. posted a few more up
  3. Nice. I don't have too many bug problems other than grasshoppers but I get them bad in the summer. The only thing I've found that helps control them is chickens believe it or not. I did buy two kinds of mint this year though. I'll be planting them shortly, maybe this weekend.
  4. good thread.
  5. Well done.
  6. thank you. There are a lot of companion herbs!

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