Gap in Teeth: Yay or Nay

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  1. I feel that some people pull it off pretty well. I'm talking small gaps near the front teeth, not big-ass gaps and disgusting looking shit!

    My ex had a small gap between her front teeth and I thought it was very sexy

    What do you guys think? Deal breaker?
  2. This reminded me to put in my retainer.

    Thank you OP
  3. Why should physical appearance be a deal breaker?
    What if that person with a huge gnarly gap in their teeth has an outstanding personality that blows other people out of the water?

    I feel lucky as fuck that my parents paid out the ass for me to have nice teeth, but not everyone can fork out the money to get braces.

    So I'm going to have to say no it's not a deal breaker because it's stupid to judge people based on how they look.

  4. im not gonna judge but im not dating someone i don't find attractive.
  5. I guess I find personality more attractive than what a person looks like on the outside.

    I just know that if someone based their feelings towards me on something that I was born with and can't afford to fix, they are missing out.
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  6. If it was a little one I wouldn't mind, one of my girlfriends friends have it and she's still pretty cute.
  7. I still got another year and a half of braces.. For some reason that's one of the first things i notice in a person.
  8. Teeth are something I notice the most, more than anything else actually.

    I have no problem with a gap in teeth as long as they're nice looking teeth.

    Also reminded me of the song 'Ours' by Taylor Swift, line says something like 'Because I love the gap between your teeth, ---------'

  9. theres this chick that is smoking but she always covers her face when she smiles she has a little gap but its actually not that bad looking in no way does she look foolish! deal breaker 95% of the time! but theres hope out there for you squirrel teeth mother fuckers!

    btw why the fuck are you listening to taylor swift wise ben?
  10. I think it's cute as long as it isn't due to some tweaker shit.
  11. There is beauty without imperfection.

  12. What? You must be fucking baked hahaha

    I'm guessing you meant "There is no beauty without imperfection."

    If so, that is a very good statement ;)
  13. I went to high school with a chick, extremely, extremely hot. Perfect body, beautiful face... until she opened her mouth. Twas an epic gap between the two front teeth. We used to seriously hound on her (not to her face) and she would model and NEVER smile with her mouth open in all of the pictures. It never prevented her from getting adequate dickings, though.

    You could seriously kick a field goal through it though. Memories.
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  14. Yes that. :hide:
  15. Depends whom it is.
  16. you talkin bout that madonna shit?
  17. I used to have gap teeth, I've searched until I've found Orthofill. Really works in fixing gap teeth, ease of use and it's also affordable.
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    I have a gap lol its not a big deal my husband likes that about me tho.
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    I always had a gap in my front two teeth when I was a kid up until I was around 17 and got invisalign for a year and my teeth are close to perfect now.

    If you feel confident with the way you look, then rock whatever you want. I didn't like it though, so I got invisalign to fix it. Upped my confidence quite a bit, I was kinda nervous to smile around people before.
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  20. Well I personally think the alfred e. neuman ( mad magazine) look is a bit of a turnoff .. even if she had a dynamite personality then she would be in the dynamite friend zone .. idk why but i like babes with cute smiles not smiles that resemble mad magazine ..

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