GanjaScouts very first grow :D (white dwarf)

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  1. ok dudes, so this is my very first grow and im more or less just doing it for shits and giggles, seeing as i still live with my parents and that makes it impossible to go all out on the growing. so, with that being said lets take a look at what im working with:
    GROW LIGHTS: im using the florescent light thats in my closet
    soil: miracle grow organic
    seeds: autoflowering white dwarf from buddah seeds

    What iv done so far: ok so its been a week since i planted my seeds( i had 5 feminised but i decided to only plant 2 due to not know what the hell i was doing) and im getting some mixed results. one of my girls is about 3.5-4in tall with only the beginning leaves(i believe this is because my light isnt close enough) and the other one is about an inch tall but has no leaves because it has yet to shed its seed casing and i have no idea why it hasnt but its probably not a good sign lol.

    this is the first plant
    and this is the second(sorry for the bad quality u can kinda see the casing not coming off)
    yah so if anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated

  2. looks like it needs a fan.

    Good luck with your grow bro.

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    if you do put a fan in there dont point it at the plant, just use it for ventilation to keep the wind flowing. once she gets bigger you should have a fan goin to it to strengthen the plant. this will help prepare the plant for when the weight from the buds later during flowering. great start though, shes startin to stretch out well :)

    fyi. cfl's will produce more light using less electricity, i had a fluorescent light that sucked up electricity like no other lol. the more light you got on it the better off your plant will be.
  4. i can't really tell with the second one, but that first one is stretched like crazy. need to get them lights close
  5. You need better lights and closer. FAST!!!
  6. put the lights closer and increase wattage and get a fan too strengthen stem, im gonna be making my own white dwarfs in the coming months its just LR2 crossed with WW last i checked at least. it will take a while to get the auto flowering parts worked out.
  7. ^^^thats right, hurry!! or your plants going to be laying in the soil tommorow. also you might need to add some more soil around the stem to give it more support during this stretch.
  8. is it ok to start this strain outside?
  9. yah it is cause its an indica so aslong as the weather doesnt turn on you you should be ok.
    speaking of ok i just picked up a new grow light today so that should take care of my stretching problem
  10. I love indica

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