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Ganja tincture on international flight?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TincturePro, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. Hey gc!
    In a few weeks im going to be making a trip from the us to germany. For medical reasons I would really like to bring a small 1oz tincture with me to germany.

    I know the worst thing you can do is to try to bring cannabis on an international flight but what's worse is im leaving from LAX. I was originally going to just put it in my pocket, no big deal, until I learned you have to go through a full body xray there.

    So my new idea is a bought a small 1oz dropper bottle labeled with some health additive something or other and I plan to put the tincture in there and put it in a ziplock with my other carry on liquids (shampoo, body wash, etc)

    Will it work?
  2. will it blend?
  3. yup you should be fine. i dont know if tinctures smell like ganja because i have never had one but as long as it doesnt smell and isnt labeled as weed youll be fine.

  4. Well it is a liquid so does it need to blend ;)

  5. If you were to open it then it would smell slightly of weed but when I make my tinctures I use fresh vanilla beans so that helps cover it up. I'm mostly worried about drug dogs!
  6. i dunno about US airports, but i was going thru one in the UK, and one of my bottles of shampoo, or whatever it was got tested. they asked me if they could take a random sample of it, they swabbed it or whatever (i wasn't that interested in what they were doing, i just wanted to put my belt back on), stuck it in a small computer thing, then said ok, gave me my stuff back, and i was on my way.

    you might want to do some research/get some intel on that. if the machine can detect thc, or cbd, or anything, then it might not be the best idea to travel with it.
  7. If its with all your shampoo and that kinda stuff it SHOULDNT be a problem, but then again ive never done anything like this
  8. Did some more poking around and discovered that tsa says all liquids must be 3oz or less and be put in a quart ziplock baggy. They also recommend taking the bag out for screening and laying it in a tray to speed up things. Guess ill take it out so it'll give them less reason to check it out? Thanks everyone so far
  9. Sounds like a safe bet, but its tough to say. Do you have a medical card? Might make things easier?

  10. Well my med card expired and with my new job I haven't been able to renew it under our company policy (didn't think a company could interfere with that but then again im not a lawyer Hehe)

    But even so, I thought med cards are only good for the state it's in?
  11. Yea, thats true but i was just thinking if you atleast have a medical card they wont hassle you as hard if they do come across it.

  12. True but I think id still be in some deep shit. Knowing tsa they'd probably peg me for trafficking or something
  13. I would never recommend anyone fly with contraband these days, mailing is safer, but even that still has its risks.

    Even if you were to check in advance w/ TSA to be sure that whatever 'phony' bottle you buy, complies with their regulations, both in size and -contents- (where certain chemicals and flammables are often not permitted), you may still get caught out.
    Even if you made it through this way, if you forgot to check rules in the country of arrival, you may get inadvertently caught for one of the ingredients that should have been in the phony bottle. They may not test for what it actually is, but they may keep and destroy or dispose of it. Getting heat-shrink wrap to make it look as though it was store-bought, isn't a sure thing either.

  14. #14 TincturePro, Nov 13, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 13, 2011
    Well it is a trip with my university and mailing isn't an option since I will not have an address to send it too. And all the bottle is is an iodine solution so it shouldnt be a problem. Also as soon as I get through security its going in my pocket
  15. open up a P.O. box in the area or have it sent to where you are staying and ask them to hold it for you.
  16. you should be find leaving since its LAX but idk about the other side man.
  17. yeah man LAX is super lax
  18. I don't think I can open a po box over the phone that easily (id also imagine there would be some questions asked) and also I only have a week and a half till I leave so time is of the essence.

  19. Once I pass through security ill pocket it and I won't be bringing anything back with me
  20. Hi guys I've been giving this more thought as the departure day gets closer and I've been wondering..the tincture is made with glycerin. My luck is that they'll swab it and ill test false positive for explosives.

    So the question is, do I pack it in checked luggage and worry about dogs or do I put it in my carry on and worry about them inspecting a dropper bottle and worrying about explosives.


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