Ganja Madness

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  1. I wrote this sometime last year, and I thought I'd share it. Don't take offense to any part because I wrote it with humor in mind. :cool:

    I was introduced at the age of sixteen
    To this sticky plant. It was colored green
    Didn't know much, but I knew it was wrong
    So I said fuck it. Light up the bong

    Time slowed down. I felt it all over
    But the best thing was I had no hangover
    So I smoked it again in a couple of weeks
    Hit a lil more, just so I could peek
    Now look that times past, almost two years
    Don't need whiskey. Wont touch beer

    I don't do drug's, they're not what I need
    I just like smoking weed

    I'd call up my buddies; we'd roll up a joint
    my alcy friends (alcoholics) would ask what's the point
    As I puffed, and sighed(face-palm) with a quiver
    *****, I don't wanna destroy my liver

    I stay away from drugs
    They turn you insane
    cause people on drugs
    Do thing's I can't say
    (of coarse I don't have such an irrational belief on drug's)

    so I don't do drugs, that's not what I need
    I just like smoking weed

    I drank some syrup once or twice
    and I did that one shit, they call pep spice
    it made me shake, I'm not gonna lie
    I smoked so much. I thought I was gonna die
    never such a thing, would happen from green's
    so smoke a lil bit and you'll see what I mean

    I don't do drugs, it's not what I need.
    I just like smoking weed :smoke:
  2. i liked it alot!!

    who ever gets offended smh
  3. Haha, thank's man. Righteous :smoke:
  4. WORD BRO!! That was a great song/poem. I really liked it:hello:. Why did you think that anybody would get offended? NVM, the latter is a stupid question. This is the internet after all.
  5. I was unaware of the forum's ability to sensor word's, and I didn't want someone view my creativity as a racial slur. All in good humor :smoke:

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