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Ganja Cat

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Digit, Dec 26, 2001.

  1. This has to be one of the most saddest moments of my life, so i cannot even beggin to imagine how Alan feels. I have just read day two of the trial on his website ( and i think thats as far as it has been writen... that was the 18th. I don't know the full story... has he been sent down? Is he a free man? currently i asume the worst, 14 years for "production" and 7 for "intent"... both of wich are obviously bullshit... but thats the law for yas... bull shit! I reccoment that u all go and check out what has gone on with GanjaCat if u have not already done so... ready every damn word on his website, then at least we will understand even if the prosecution, jury and judge do not... Heck even his own barristerd sold him out. anyway ... i'm not going to go on and on about this as i want people to check this out as soon as possable.

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  2. ok ok ok. I freeked out a bit there. he ain't banged up yet but if no one sends letters to Judge Proctor he's going to be.

    If you value the guys presence at all you will do whats right and spend that 28p (or whatever) on postage stamps to save the guy. Remember that he's been trying damn hard to fight for HUMAN RIGHTS ... and are you not human? exactly... he's been fighting for YOU! so one measly little letter is the least u could all do.
  3. ???

    So are you sending a letter or are you just "living in hope"?

    And by the way there are plenty people breaking the law getting caught and getting away with it regardless of finacial situation.

    Anyway... I'm sure GanjaCat Appreciates your "hope"

  4. i think in a way, its his fault. To even get caught for growing pot is stupid. I have grown about 60 14 foot tall plants on my roof and never have been caught and i have been doing it since i was 13. (i am now 17) I think its shit that he is getting that for what he did.....sounds kinda of steep....i had a friend that did 10-15 in federal prision for getting caught with a strain of pot that instead of the crystals on the pot being resin , they were crank and he went down for that shit....he got like atempted manslaughter for that it crazy but the system is corrupt. Anyways, people talking about hope, thats a bunch of shit....i once had hope till a lil girl took it all away from me in a blink of an eye....may-b thats why i do the things i do? anyways, STAY UP.

    "life is one violent moodswing, so dont get comfortable"


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