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  1. "grow your dreadlocks dont be afraid of the wolf pack" bob marley
    i think the more u smoke the more natty ur hair gets n by the time u smoke a lot u will have dreads.. n the more i listen to bob the more i wanna have dreads n the more i wanna grow.. as a human i think i have the right to grow ganja for me.. n ganja makes me happy, brings a smile to my face. n i hope thats what it does to all.
    doctors r clever u know.. they know ganja makes ppl happy thats why they prescribe it to ppl who r dyin.. n them dyin ppl when toke get irie, feel happy n they get the munchies..
    n we all know happy ppl live more..
    n as a ganja smoker n a ganja grower i wanna look like one. i want the world to look at my face n know that i am rude boy, a ganja smoker n a ganja farmer.. there is no hidin this fact..
  2. im coming to lumbini soon...

    i heard the hash is nice...
  3. lumbini is the birth place of buddha. i was there a few months ago..very spiritual site

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  4. I'm growing my hair out now before i return to school and i plan on having some decently lengthened dreads by then.
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    we dont have to grow our dreads to be no rastafari or no wanna be. we can grow dreads n grow weed just to be who we are.. i am tryin to be no one. i am just tryin to be happy.. n tryin to be as nirakar as i can..
    n bob marley's music is for all of us. ppl who smoke n ppl who dont
    rastafarais or shadus dont matter. bob is for all...
  6. try a organic shampoo n dont comb ur hair.. n toke a lot. i gurantee u will have dreads in a year or 2 n thats gonna be much more satisfyin than payin money to get it done..
  7. Ya well i'm getting mine done by a loctician. I live in a professional world and it's already almost taboo to have dreads, professionally done ones or neglected ones, regardless. I tried the neglect method as a child but my hair doesn't grow long enough to do it that way.
  8. I'm an rastafarian with dreadlocks. Nirakar is right, toke alot and get natty dreads. I'm a big Bob Marley fan and listen to his music everyday

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