Ganja as religion??

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  1. I have high thought, i live in the Midwest where ganja is obviously not legal, what is stopping me from being able to claim smoking ganja as my religion? :confused:

    I just watched the movie Square Grouper (WATCH IT!), its about to Zion Coptic Church in FL that helped import soooooo much herb from Jamaica and i was thinking, if they could claim it why couldn't I???

    Lets discuss :smoking:
  2. Because you are living in a country in which laws are (supposedly) separate from religion.
  3. I've watched just about every pot documentary on Netflix lol, i completely understand why its illegal, and that article is awesome. But just what is stopping me from walking into my courthouse and saying its my religion, let me blaze lol
  4. I think there is a chapel in LA that does this. Think it's called temple 420 and it's run by Craig X.
  5. Some religions may require human sacrifice. Or animal sacrifice. or female circumcision. Just because it's religious doesn't mean the law is going to tolerate it.

  6. thats what im saying, is it possible realistically??
  7. A few people have tried this, like the THC Ministry.

    There is no loophole that will make you bulletproof

  8. Thank you sir, thats what i figured. Just wondering, i wasnt planning on busting into any courthouses soon lmao ;)
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    You can always become a member of Temple 420 :D

    Temple 420
  10. lets all pray to marijuana and ask him/her to forgive our sins

  11. AMEN! :smoke:
  12. yo telling people your rastafari is the best excuse to get blasted. that what i told my parents when i got caught. :smoke:

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