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ganja and epilepsy>a good mix?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Redeye_Jedi, Jan 14, 2004.

  1. Hey,i suffer from epilepsy,im lucky enough to have only had 3 fits my whole life, i hav'nt had 1 now for 3 years so touch wood for me an i might not have more.
    i heard from a fellow toker not so long ago that he had read somwhere that ganja was actually beneficial for sufferers, something to do with slowing things down in the head.
    Now i was just wondering if any1 has any ideas if this is true, i wud be grateful if u get back to me.Also i wud appreciate it if there was any other sufferers that could let me know how they find ganja effects them and there eppilepsy.
    I was smoking before diagnosis and will continue to till i see "fit" so really im just after some info.(sorry if the lil joke at the offends u,its just "if u dont laugh bout it,u'l cry"
    cheers ppl,
  3. Well thats just what i wanted to hear m8,now i got a good
    So i wonder if i can come off my medication and get some
    primo green on the nhs.hmm i doubt it :p
  4. I don't know any 'official' results from any kind of studies or anything, but when I was in H.S. there was this girl who was epileptic. She had about 3 seizures a year. But in her soph. year, she started toking. She made it through the rest of her soph. year, and the rest of her HS years were seizure free.
  5. hmm.. i had a siezure once... and then twice again when i went to the hospital that night. but, i haven't had a siezure since.. i don't think i can say it was because of herb
  6. hi.the people who have epilepsy can smoke ganja?? ;O it's not dangerous?
    p.s sorry my english so bad ;)
  7. Start reading! :D

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