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Ganj From My Neck of The Woods

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by bongbarbarian, Oct 25, 2003.

  1. Heres some purple bud mixed with Northern Lights in a fat half ounce sack. (Cost me 90)

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  2. The pipe ready to burn

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  3. looks good and i love that pipe looks old school :)
  4. yeah i got it at a waterfront festival, the old bowl made the smoke so fucking harsh it wasnt even funny, so i replaced it with a brass bowl, probably the best metallic pot smoking material would be brass IMO.
  5. oh eheh, i just use my acrylic bong or my glass spoon :)
  6. ewww brass
  7. I ahve always heard that brass isnt good for you. Whats are the metals you shouldnt smoke out of. I heard particles of brass since it splinters a lot can get in your lungs and really damage shit.
  8. this is polished brass
  9. i guess use what ya got.... but if you can, just get glass.... do it for the taste if anything...
  10. get those stems out of that bowl! ;0

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