Gangstas or former?

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  1. I'm watching gangland right now, and I'm curious...are their are gangsters or former ones here? I'd love to hear the stories
  2. Well.. I wouldn't consider myself a gangster but.. I've always worn the color blue, and when I was a cocky teenager hanging out with actual gangsters i've gotten into some rough shit. Anyone who has fought me claimed to be a blood, or a norteno. I've been stabbed twice, once in the thigh and in the back right next to the left kidney. Also, been shot in the left calf. If you see me on the street, I got the pimp walk hahaha. Sorry I couldn't contribute more to this thread :cool:.
  3. Nope been a straight up tall lanky white kid for my entire life :)
  4. norteno in Texas?
  5. Im not one to dis..but honestly a real gangster is a man of irish or italian decent who is in organized crime who has respect. I dont call your everday homeboy without a job one..

    Ohh and to all you "gangsters": when you go to jail make sure you tell the people in your cell that you ate alot of glass when you were a child and your butthole is like a cheese-grater.

    Ohh and yeah you will prolly get mad when you read this and im sure you want to -"put a cap in my ass,cracker".
  6. i was a crip for years. i didnt like it so i got out and joined the bloods. but what do ya know they were very similar! i then moved out to socal and joined the mexican mafia. that didnt work out cause im white though.
  7. Ive been a northerner for 6 years but nowadays I say Im not in a gang when people ask. I say this because the set i grew up with got pretty big in rap music and then they did some shit that made themselves look bad, but im not gonna go into that. A lot of my real homies are scattered out banned from the county locked up or passed away, so I only chill with a few homies and they know my deal and who I am so they dont trip. Ive changed a lot in the last few years but it really is hard to let those kind of feelings go. Im still a norteno and thug to the heart im just not in a particular gang. Dumbass youngers ruin it and give northern cal a bad name.
  8. I have been in a gang for 8 years, i like to gangbang, hustle, pimp, go hard, and steal shit. Sometimes when im not getting in fights and stealing shit I get onto
  9. apple dumpling gang, going on thirty years. all about the bling bling
  10. repping moms basement keep it gangsta yall
  11. that's the funniest shit ever!
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    I sometimes kick it with dudes who do, I'll toss em' (my fists :devious: ) if I have to. Saw some crazy fights kid got layed out cold in the winter outside he was ko'ed for like 10 min in snow, woke up and was going to his car for his gun, safe to say I fucking left.

    Another time these dudes were getting heated out front of this house next thing you know POP POP POP some fool started shooting. I've never seen 50 cars and 200+ kids dissapear so fast, as were pulling out of the neighborhood cops are swarming spotlighting all the cars that are leaving. we lost two kids that were riding in my car ( this is the party whip:: ) in the scramble met up with at them a mac'd's down the street though.

  13. so russian mob are no gangsters?:rolleyes:
  14. I'm gangsta as fuck, umadbro?

  15. Or the polish mobsters, or Mexican Cartels, or Chinese Triads?

    I dunno... mexican cartels are probably killing hundreds of people through out north america every day. The polish mobsters here in chicago killed a Catholic priest for trying to get polish migrants to stand up against the mob.... When they killed him they stabbed him to death , stabbing him over 100 times. Both of those seem like pretty gangster and "mobster" things to me.

    So no.... Irish and Italians aren't the only gangsters and mobsters.
    I'd say pretty much anyone who is into organized crime, and makes a living with violence and with out really working could be considered a gangster lol

  16. Yeah i did forgot hella countries..and no the mexican cartel is not a gang its just mexicans that are good at chopping off heads and pushing terrible weed and other drugs. They may run parts of mexico but thats because its a shithole in the first place.
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    I can not even come to explain how mad this topic makes me. Why do you have to be in a gang? What is the point? Why not just have a normal group of freinds? There is a group of rich white kids at my high school and they dress like they are 50 cent saggin their pants goin to raves stealing things doing other drugs besides herb...They are just plain assholes to everyone(including me). However, i just ignore them and laugh. I still cant wait to see the day 5-10 years from now when i am in my Audi S8, college graduate, and they didnt even finish high school and are working at Mcdonalds to try and pay for their hard extacy addiction and rent because their parents kicked them out....It puts me to shame..And i feel bad for them in a sense but at the same time i don't because it was their choice to take the stupid path full of idiot kids who don't care about anything besides drugs and raves. Just my 2 cents.

    edit: group of kids at my school


    the 2 kneeling in the front to the right of the black guy stole 300 bucks from me. DONT FRONT MONEY NO MATTER WHAT.

  18. LOL not a gang huh... I think I read last year that mexican cartels laundered over a trillion dollars in drug money. That they laundered billions of dollars of money into the united states, that most major corporations in mexico have some ties to cartels. The cartels pay off politicians, practically run certain parts of Mexico, and large parts of the Mexican government and military work for/are part of the Cartels.

    Mexico is a shithole... I say that as some one who is part mexican and been to Mexico plenty of times. But when the cartels are laundering millions of dollars on a daily basis, have a complex system of producing and distributing drugs, have paid politicians and military on their sides, and have literally hundreds of thousands of foot soldiers... . pretending that the Cartels aren't gangs is just ignorant

  19. 1: I hope you kicked their asses for taking your money
    2: if they are rich kids they wont probably fail, if their parents are rich enough... ive seen that happen :) (that piece of shit drove after drinking a lot of alcohol and got pulled over and after they found out who his father was he was aloud to drive the GLK home and didnt even have to pay a fine, of couse if something like this happened to me they would fucking kick my ass :rolleyes: i love the police :wave: )
  20. .....

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