Gangsta Rap Is Not Real Life....It's Music!! Duh!

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    So, I listen to a lot of Rap these days and some of it is Gangsta Rap

    Unfortunately, some people don't understand that this is fictional

    Any Rapper worth his weight isn't gonna be doin' any kind of drug dealing or gang banging once that Rapper is a part of the "Rap Game". You'd be a fool to keep up that lifestyle

    Rap is really supposed to demonstrate that the street life of drugs and crime aint it....It's no future

    Yeah, Gangsta Rap kinda glorifies the street life but why choose to be in it when many Rappers had no choice and are choosing to get out of it thru music?!

    So, why do some let it be a bad influence?

  2. theres some rappers who really do what they talk about.
  3. you're doing it wrong

  4. LOL! Then show me the light!! Enlighten me!

    Yeah, some rappers are still thugs...Like Lil Boosie doing time right now

    But I don't consider him or other criminal rappers to be real rappers anyway

    Z~Ro is a fine example of someone who's in the Rap Game to make music and stay out of jail

  5. Phonte is a good rapper for what your talking about, he admits he only raps to make a career of it
    yet he brings it with his smooth delivery and stories
  6. Gucci mane goes hard and how isn't a criminal a rapper? As far as I know weed is illegal and your a criminal...
  7. What do you even consider as this "wannabe gangsta rap"?

    And you can't just say something is fictional as it is your opinion.

  8. I'm willing to learn...If you can contribute something here like naming some artists like a few others have, then cool

    Otherwise, I'll just respect your opinion

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    [ame=]Mind of a Maniac - Lil Boosie - YouTube[/ame]
    What part of real you n-i-g-g-a-s don't understand?

    Free Boosie.


    PS Free Boosie.
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    Maybe fictional is the wrong term. I know rap is real. I just meant that some rappers are representing the street life in their raps...and after work they don't got out and gang is a career...the street life isn't. If you live the street/thug life of crime you'll get one of the following....

    Jails, Institutions or death

    I may not totally get gangsta Rap cuz I'm a white dude from the suburbs....But Z~Ro seems to show respect for the street while he's building his million~dollar career...And he'll tell kids to get an education and not start thuggin to survive...

    Get on stage and stay off the streets

    Z~Ro - I'm a Gansta feat Daz

    Z-RO: Im a Gangsta feat Daz - YouTube


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