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  1. i stayed home sick today and have been watching gangland for the past hour, and for some reason i find it extremely interesting.

    growing up in idaho i really dont know much or had much contact with gangs, so if you have any knowledge or experience share that shit
  2. There was a GD Vice lord shooting 10 blocks south from me bruh.
  3. I was watching it alittle today,I don't really like gangs but I know a few people from them.
  4. Yeah, not a bad show.
  5. 1love you a senior in highschool bro? i loved missin school n smokin, those were the days. onto the topic...
    gangland is a pretty cool show if you've never witnessed/learned/know anything about gangs. some of the info is wrong but its an okay show none the less.
    i live in chicago, grew up on the southside, known for its gangs and slayings...theres literally a murder every few days over here, its sickening. Chicago must be a lot different than Idaho man, i cant even imagine. just going outside for a cig is dangerous, 4 of my homies growing up got blasted, 2 of them were targets and the other 2 died from being in the wrong place at the wrong time. ill tell ya 1 thing, *****z cant aim for shit, but when they got an ak47 spraying bullets, it really doesnt matter how well they can aim.
    and the loss is never forgotten, sure the killers might be serving long stints in jail, but that doesnt bring my buddies back. and half the time gang related murders arent solved anyways, the cops dont give a fuck they just chalk it up to 'gang violcence' and thats that.
    the gang mentality/mindframe is fucked up. i dont know what exactly you want to know about gangs, but it hits home for me, and like i said ive lost some quality people to the street. its not cool, to say the least.
  6. Word.
  7. Ive watched the show a couple times, but cant really get into it. I guess Im not big into the gang stuff, a few of my buddies have some history with Latin Kings and Vicelords.. And Legit, I feel ya there, southside is pretty scary at night sometimes. Im from Miltown but my buddies used to go down occasionally to pickup some stuff down there.
  8. I live in a very quiet area in the UK, the odd stabbing (we fucking love knives here for some reason) but thats about it, I do wonder what living in some parts of LA or Detroit would be like I have heard Detroit has more murders a year than my entire fucking country, crazy shit.

    Some parts of the UK are fucked though as in people getting shot in the face with sawn off shotguns over £200 ($290) or 11 year old kids being gunned down in gang cross fire.
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  10. I think the Chi and Detroit are the worst spots in the states.

  11. Chicago is more dangerous than Iraq and yet I don't recall a single protester demanding that we pull out of Chicago. :rolleyes:

  12. Thats what ive been saying since we invadeded iraq.

    We're supposivley trying to make thier country a better place when we got wars in the streets. We need to take care of our country first and foremost. I gurantee theres wars going on in every single state of america. I know thier is in Detroit, Chicago, ect ect.
  13. I'll put my money on D-Town.

    I don't even live there and I know damn well there are schools with more guns in them thru-out school hours than their District Police Force's armory.
  14. in seattle when there is agng violence the cops wont put it in the gang related slaying category so that we dont have declining property values.
    which is fucked
    gangs are just basically you fuck with us we fuck with you and it never ends
    ive lost friends due to gang violence(see sig) and i used to be associated with (but not part of) a gang called deuce 8
  15. I once got robber by Vice Lord gang members while trying toget a QP at my boy's house.
  16. Gangland is the shit

    I've never joined a gang, but have been around them a lot in the past 4-5 years or so.

    One of my best friends was a crack and arms dealer for a gang in hilltop Tacoma

    Also have a bunch of connections in South Central Los Angeles who've been holding it down for a few years now. Mostly West Compton.

    I've gone to crip and blood parties in Tacoma. Both were pretty damn fun.

    Yeah, that's pretty much it.
  17. no we invaded iraq to protect ourselfs from getting fuckin blown up. im glad were in there, and i hope we stay in there.

    no matter what you say about bush, we got attacked in 2001 and havent been attacked since. what he's doing is obviously working
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    How did we get from gangs to Iraq again?
  19. I have a few banger friends, all Latin Kings. They don't play. Back in high school when he went out to pick up a brick, some guy tried to pull a knife out on him and he shot him 6 times in the leg and took his shit and left like it was nothing..
  20. It's got to be Harrisburg.

    People die everyday in the struggle down here.
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