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Gangs of New York

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by hippie john, Sep 17, 2003.

  1. first of all, i'd like to say whaat i thought of this movi before i saw was gonna suck, plus it had decaprio in it, so it would really suck. and it was gonna be all about the "revolution" and shit......then i watched it......and my thoughts changed......and was astounded by how good it really could be the best movie i've seen in a few years......honestly......the setting was good, lots of petty "stab ya in the back" type violence, everyones favorite kind;)......the biggest part is the revenge factor through out the whole thing......i give it 2 joints (1 is lowest, 2 is highest......think of it this way, 1 gets ya high, and 2 gets ya higher)......:smoking::smoking:
  2. i dont know about realism, but the thought and settings in it were very good. some of the special effects were shit, but i'll let that go. and decaprio was acually really good in this, the first time i've acually liked his acting:)
  3. seen the basketball diaries? or umm what's that one, orange moon or somethin like that, i didn't see the whole thing but from the lil bit i saw it was cool..
  4. I agree, Burns Documentaries kick ass.
  5. that was a sweet movie.. and i kind of enjoyed seeing him get fucked up for all those movies he did from b4
  6. The thing about DiCaprio is that he is better now that the titanic thing is done. Have any of you seen catch me if you can? I think he is brilliant in that. But I also enjoyed his performance in gangs of New York.
  7. That film just dragged on for so long i stopped it after the Second Hour.

  8. You made it that far?

    ::: yawn :::
  9. to glamy for me....
  10. hey i actually got really into the movie! daniel day lewis really did it for me, and even dicaprio did pretty good. he's an actor that doesn't get enough credit, because he was in a cheesy film like titanic, and alot of people give him shit for that and his babyface.

    i was glued to that movie, alas i too was stoned while watching it. though that happens with just about any movie anymore, haha...

    good movie though, at least i thought. i usually don't like long movies like that but i was way into it, it didn't seem that long.
  11. i was bitching about my buddy making me watch such a long movie, but half way through he wanted to leave, and i didnt move a muscle till the credits started. it also gave me an intense interest in throwing knives...

    hahha, i have 4 dinner knives, 2 pairs of scissors, 3 swiss army knives, and a letter opener stuck in the wall of my "play room" :D
  12. that movie is a joke.

    the scenario is obvious.
    The sfx are so badly rendered
    DiCaprio is still trying to act like BradPit

    I wathed it till the end, hoping something would lift up the movie to some nice value. It ended as crappy as it started.

    There are things that lifts upp the movie, :
    da babe (of course!)
    One traveling shot (the one where you see people arrive , get enrolled in army, get dressed in uniform, get onto the boat, and the deads getting of the boat) that is a brilliant traveiling.

    the rest is so damn not good.
  13. Best performance
    Danial Day Lewis.
    (the Butcher)
    Worst performance
    Cameron Diaz
    (Should stick with the cum in her hair bit)

    If Scorscasi has made a bad movie about gangs, I hav'nt seen it.

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