Gangs in the Army..?

Discussion in 'General' started by terradactyl, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Im watching Gangland right now, and the episode is about gang members joining the army and still repping or whatever.
    i think thats just crazy. they showed pictures of gang tags on humvees and a tank.

    what are your guys' thoughts?
  2. Surprises me considering the goal of the army is to make you a strong willed pawn.
  3. its not crazy at all, I work at a firm and there used to be a guy here that use to run a set that's apart of the latin kings in the bronx. He was cool as shit and he didn't carry himself like a goon at all. The army accepts almost anybody anyway so im not surprised.
  4. yeah. its just a sign that gangs are becoming way smarter.
    they get members into the army, and when there ~4 years is up, they go back to their hoods and teach the other gang members what they know. theyre getting a military training in home invasions, ambushes, and shooting.
  5. What makes you think you already aren't?
  6. Well I mean, getting Trained to kill could come in hand for those gun toting self righteous fools.
  7. compared to the gang initionations, bootcamp is shit, the gang members probably have equal loyalty to their gangs and country
  8. are they fighting eachother over ther? thats kinda bullshit.. your fighting for your country now, not for the road in front of your house...
  9. It's the same as clans you just aren't fighting beside them everyday...It's more a show of loyality to your set while being loyal to the country...I don't care what the hell they paint where, they are sacrificing their well being for the countries...No hate here...
  10. btw where are u OP? right now sumthing about the KKK is on, the thing about the army is on at gona forget by then
  11. they have to pay their dues each week somehow, If they're fighting each other over then whoever is causing trouble should be left over there.

  12. im not hating on them at all.
    im practically complimenting them on their new tactics.

    and im in california
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    Nah not suprising to me at all...

    I live in England and ive heard about this. First heard about it probably 2-3 years ago..

    It doesnt take a genious to figure out that joining the Army can gain your crew a major advantage when you return with training does it?

  14. the army itself is a gang
  15. Watching that gangland right now, I recorded it because of this.
  16. hahaha that shits funny they got up on tanks and cars and shit all mobile..

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