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  1. So, this is my first time on the West Coast. I'm really worried about gangs in LA.  Should I be?  I'm just totally clueless about it all.  
    I was told not to go to Inglewood.  
    All I want to do is play guitar on Venice Beach and walk around town.  Do I sincerely need to worry about wearing a red shirt?  It's not like, standard red; it leans more toward maroon.  
    I just want some advice/info.  Thanks

  2. this thread should be nice and entertaining.
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    if you're white don't worry about it man... a bunch of gang bangers aint gonna start spraying at a guy playing guitar cause you're wearing a shirt thats almost red..
    on the other hand, don't yell out "suu-woop" in a dark alley and you're straight lmao. 
  4. My concern springs from this bloods member in Morgantown, WV telling me about beating the shit out of a random white dude wearing a red shirt because he and his friend were bored.  
    Are there specific areas you can tell me to avoid in general?  
    This might be a stupid sounding thread, it's just that I've never been in a city anywhere near as big as LA and have no clue about gang violence.
  5. they'll rob him though right? like "gimme yo geetar you john mayer lookin biatch"
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    No...exactly the opposite actually If you're white you should be very worried about it man.

    Best recommendation is to get a concealed carry license and go about your life as usual. Although you said CA which I hear is full of soccer moms that dont want people defending themselves. Good luck in the Britain of America. Good thing about hoodrats is most of them smoke cigs so maybe you could outrun them.
  7. Does CA allow concealed carry? :laughing:
    I think you'll be alright dude, if you're that worried about it stay out of South LA, just as much as I'd say probably avoid South Bronx and Brownsville/East New York.
  8. Another question:
    In WV it was perfectly safe to do this, but I feel like it's probably way different here-- Can I wear a black or a white bandana like a cap?
    I mean like the way pirates wore them....  Like a skull cap I think is what I'm trying to say.
    I assume that's probably pushing the limit.
  9. I smell pussy.
  10. Man no need to be a prick.  I'm just a passive white guy who's never been to a huge city before, trying to find out how to not be the target of random violence.  
  11. Just watch your surroundings and know how to run fast... And in zigzags.
  12. Your ok stay out of ghetto areas.. the beach u shoul be good or main strips. At night tho its more dangerous look out for tweakers but if u ain't messin with them or that shit we can't talk about then you should be ok. Don't get drunk and tuck ur wallet in ur balls if u gunna be bumming it

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  13. Ive been out here for 3 months, and i wear whatever the color i want.. i haven't run into any issues.
  14. Just be cautious of your surrounding. You will be able to spot some of the gangbangers because they will either have on red( blood) or blue ( crips) but there's also Hispanic gangs too. Don't worry about it to much, most of the people that goto that beach are regular people who are just like you and just want to have a nice time. Oh there are a ton of cops everywhere you will definitely see them! so be smart about toking on the beach! Just relax and enjoy Venice beach! You will probably love it I know I do.
  15. ^^^^ ROFL run zigzags. I thought that was just if a dog was chasing you.
    yeah it also applies to heavily intoxicated gangbangers  :bongin:
  17. Santa monicas pier is nice you should go there and to redondos pier there all nice and they're predominately white so you should fit right in :).... Oh yeah stay out of inglewood, compton, and east la.
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    gangs are east/south central la, inglewood, and hollywood for the most part, not too much shit on the west side of town
  19. Hollywood too ?
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    yup, strong MS13 territory
    dude got shot in the alley behind my girlfriend's last apartment about a year ago at virgil & santa monica

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