Gangnam Style-almost at a billion views

Discussion in 'General' started by CrowClaw, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Right now the gangnam style vid is at 998,000,000 views. I belive by probably noon it will reach 1 billion views.
    damn thats pretty impressive!
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    Gangnam style reached 1 billion views at about 11:20
  3. Breaking News!
  4. not impressed.
  5. Never watched it lol
  6. Im just saying a billion views that kinda impresive.
  7. My uncle's baby girl loves that song. lol She really gets a kick out of it and dances to the video. It's adorable. She's a year old and is probably responsible for about a dozen of those views. lol
  8. Hell yeah that is awesome, first video ever!
  9. I really really think humans need to die today...
  10. from YT:


    Top demographics
    Female, 13-17 years
    Male, 13-17 years
    Male, 35-44 years < Hmm, weird one here :laughing:

    just watched it, very funny but 1B views?!
  11. That's not weird considering my uncle falls into that category and his kids can't get enough of it. lol
  12. I wonder how many views the first video of a real Extra terrestrial encouter wil get.:smoking:
  13. i just want to say that song is literally the most retarted thing ive ever heard
  14. 1/6th of earths population...
    I watched it like twice
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    And the demographic is only more painfully obvious.... Hate that song.....

    Youtube is modern day TV for children.
    TV is for working people who have been watching it forever
    Inbetween people like me just get stoned and read :)
    Generalized as fuck
  16. lol at the butt hurt people.. its a dance song who fucking cares youre not listening to it to hear an exposition on the military industrial complex
  17. Hey, sexy ladies.


    Whoopa billion-style
  18. Good for that guy, I really hope he takes advantage of his success I know I would.
  19. never seen the video.

    only heard a couple seconds of the song.

    don't really give two shits.
  20. It wasnt suposed to b serious lol

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