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  1. I just recently heard a song by them called Mass Appeal. I really liked it and I was pretty sure that other people here listen to Gang Starr? What songs do you guys recommend?
  2. full clip
    one of my favorites

    [ame=""]YouTube - Gangstarr- Full Clip[/ame]
  3. you know my steez is my favorite
  4. Gang Starr is my favorite.:D
    Guru is the illest to hold a mic
    and Premier is GOD!

    Whos Gonna Take The Weight
    The Illest Brother
    Peace of Mine
  5. [ame=""]YouTube - Gang Starr - Moment Of Truth[/ame]
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    [ame=""]Gang Starr - Codes of the Streets[/ame]

    [ame=""]Gang Starr - The Militia[/ame]

    Ain't hard to find a good Gang Starr song, just download some shyt yourself
  7. thanks guys, im really liking that Miltia joint. I didnt feel Full Clip that much, I guess it'll take some time.
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    idk man full clip is a pretty chill song i think, nice to sit smoke and relax to

    i think its the beat that gets me into it
  9. i can see myself smokin to that song lol. i think it'll get better everytime i listen to it.
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    Gang Starr is an amazing group. Premier and Guru know how to rip it up. I proudly have all their albums.

    My favoirte album of theirs - "Step into the Arena" (1991) Great funky beats. Great lyrics. Good to smoke to.

    I also reccomend these:
    "Daily Operation" (1992)
    "Hard to Earn" (1994)
    "Moment of Truth" (1998)

    Oh, and Guru and Premier are big fans of the blunt so I reccomend you get blunted to their music :)

    [ame=""]YouTube - Who's Gonna Take The Weight - Gang Starr[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube - Gang Starr - 2 Deep[/ame]
  11. Glad to see people discovering Gang Starr. Guru + Premier = Hip Hop Classic.
  12. i remember when shortys fulfill the dream came out, and i heard above the clouds during steve olsens part.. eargasm
  13. Gang Starr is cool

    [ame=""]YouTube - Gang Starr Feat Scarface - Betrayal[/ame]
  14. blessed with the Mass Appeal!

    yeah, Moment of Truth is really good too

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