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  1. Look up to the sky feels like its gonna rain
    tryna keep my head up im growin insane
    people dont understand what i go through each day
    drama drama drama everyday set on replay
    id walk away from the life of bullets and respect, but im in too depp
    chief so much just so i can have a clear mind and sleep
    some nights id be angry and resentful
    the demons in the dark creepin into my mental
    cant stand the man in the mirror but i know him well
    hes the spark that shines in the dark when it rains hell
    told i fell from grace flat on my face, that im a fake
    but atleast i admit my faults and mistakes
    snaks hide in the grass i cut, i fear nothing
    your venom to me is nothing, pure bluffin
    i seen death gave death im chill with death
    head so fucked up from rollin with these bloods with weps
    ive wept many drops of salt and shame, emotions untamed
    fuck these problems and the fun games played by these dumb dames
    i go by the name Nunez, but it should be douchebag
    self deprecating mood always escalating
    pissd off, i rap too mad, gift of gab with no doo rag
    fuck this life is getting hard, stress relating
    estimating ill be buried to 99 till inifinity at thirty
    probably be put to sleep by my own homies, dirty
    gotta walk away from my old life, but theyll only come back
    theyll follow me like the sun, my footsteps dirt track
    all i can do now is look up to the sky and the rains begun
    as fathers wander where the sun has gone to run :hide:
  2. that's good. I'm really into reading books and watching videos about gangs and stuff so I had to read this and I was not at all disappointed. You're pretty talented dude. Keep up the great work!
  3. Yeee I done shit I wasnt too proud of looking back.
    Helped certain people drop a fool just for acting a fool, never done it myself but ive helped which is basically doing it myself.

    Been wanting to walk out but its not as easy as people think it is.
    Specially with a crew that operates like Tree Top, its no high school dumb gang, shits real and its been around for generations.

    Ironically im tryna be a DEA Undercover now, I talked to a recruiter for the army and they said my background and my attitude is exactly what they want so im like hey good pay and i can do it. haha studying criminal justice, but gotta get my diploma since I slacked it sick in high scool but recently i was able to find a school that I can go to and get a High School Diploma and push towards college.
  4. i respect you for making the effort to move forward, make something better of your life, and for realizing that some of the decisions you have made could have been replaced by some better ones man

    keep your head up and never stop moving forward
  5. mmmm Deep poem bro, never to late to flip it and use yuh experience in a positive way. As said, Keep yuh head up.

    Say you just cant live that negative way
    If you know what I mean
    Make way for the positive day
    -Bob Marley
  6. Ye flipping it around already, got back into school today just got home from class.
    Chaffey Adult School, they give you that Diploma, a 2nd chance at it.

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