Gandalf Pipe!! MUST SEE!!!

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  1. My friend sold this to me for $30, it is VERY light.. and it hits really good. :)

    I`m not sure if I believe my friend, but he said he bought it for $115.. which could be true. But I`d never pay it, lol..

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  2. you had a helluva deal, how long is that pipe?
  3. Thanks man :) Im not exactly sure, just as long as my keyboard to be honest.. I know its not really a measurement.. But I will measure it later. :smoking:
  4. Nice piece man, although I HIGHLY doubt your friend payed 115 for it man. I bought a gandolf pipe a few months ago new for 35, granted it is slightly smaller than yours, still thats a big difference in price .
  5. You can get those easily for $25-$40.

    Oh, and they are such a bitch to clean.
  6. i dont doubt that he paid that much for it,,who made it ,,that all depends on the price,,ive seen those from CLINTON,he makes those for a few hundred,,,so i dont doubt it at all,,thanks for sharing,and nice come up ,peace LEAR
  7. Cool piece. 30 is a good price fo' dat
  8. Thanks man, I thought it was a good buy also.. It was made by this guy that lives in my city. He`s got some wicked pieces that I`ll have to get some pictures of! :)
  9. my ex-gf had one just like that.... till i broke it:hello: that pipe looks like a great has pipe smoke on!
  10. looks like its easy to break, no thanks.

    hope you enjoy it though.
  11. I went to a birthday party for one of my favorite dispensary owners - let me tell you, THOSE are the parties to go to. IN any case, one of her friends had just gotten a REALLY nice Gandalf similar to that one, smoked so nicely, ESPECIALLY for concentrates.
  12. nice man looks like a cool pipe
  13. That is a really cool pipe!
  14. Thanks man, I thought so also :smoking::smoking:

    Hell yeah, now that ive cleaned it, it tastes great and hits pretty smooth! Toke on man, + repp!!

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