Gandalf is such a stoner!!!!

Discussion in 'Movies' started by D9_THC, Sep 4, 2002.

  1. I was watchin Lord of the Rings and I noticed Gandalf is a freakin pothead! Bilbo says "The best weed in the South Farthing..."

    And then Bilbo blows some rings... and Gandalf, bein the magic man he be, blows a big boat and says "Beat that you little midget bizznitch"..

    Saruman says to him later on "Your love for the halfling's leaf has clearly stilled your mind..." Hahahahah

    I haven't read the books for about 2 years now, but there's a whole chapter about the hobbit's "pipeweed" haha!
  2. See I'm not the only one who thinks that!
  3. Dude I watched that movie when I was high and thought I was imagining things.
  4. I want to be just like Gandalf...
  5. me too, i want really long white hair

  6. man i was thinkin the same thing!!!
  7. i thought he said it was clowding
    his mind ...or was that my mind
  8. He says whatever I put up top :D

    I bet he has a magic hydro center.....
  9. i wanna be a stoner.
  10. "your love of the halflings leaf is clearly slowing your mind.."
  11. I'm sure he says ".... stilled your mind"...

    I'm not up for a debate though, cos I know Christopher Lee will get over here and beat us all upside the head.
  12. He says "Slowed your mind" ;)
  13. He is easily twice as cool as that other magician dubledork.
  14. Yeah the anti weed square Sarumon or some shit. I only wish they made pipe weed into proper weed.. not the tobacco looking herb they seem to make it out to be haha. Big ass weed plants growin in the shire with stoned hobbits tending to the buddage. So high.
  15. And now you all realise that the reason hobbits eat so many times though-out the day is because they are all high and have the munchies.
  16. Gandalf doesn't get high, he gets universed.
  17. My avatar, figure 1.
  18. Am I the only blade that makes lord of the ring references with relative consistency when baked with mates?
  19. all i know is that one does not simply walk into mordor
  20. As do all who live to see such times. but that is not for us to decide. All we have to decide, is what to do with the time, that was given to us.

    In all seriousness, just finished reading the hobbit and LOTR series. Fucking gold. Anyone who enjoys to read, if you haven't already... Get to it.

    Also, the reference to pipe weed, i definitely think they where growing the finest bud in all of north farthing ;)

    Gandalf is legendary. I aspire to be a just mere shadow of his awesomeness.

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