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Gamma Ray burst gonna kill us all?

Discussion in 'General' started by jack herra, May 21, 2009.

  1. The star WR104 is unstable. It will explode at some point. The Earth is right in its path so it COULD send gamma radiation toward us and fry everyone on the Earth. They do not expect it to blow up for hundreds of thousands of years.

    HOWEVER, Dr. Kaku pointed out that since it's 8,000 light years away from us IT MAY HAVE already blown up 8,000 years ago and if it did then we could suddenly see it blow up NOW and once that happens we only have a few days before it could kill everyone. When they look into space they are basically seeing the past. So stars up there may not even really be there any more.

    WR104 star a deadly ray gun | Herald Sun

    i wonder if it would hurt to be fryed by a gamma ray
  2. i think we would feel somewhat like bacon... just grizzling here on the earth surface. or the radiation would give everyone cancer and we would all die. one of the two...

    whenever i look into the sky i wonder how many of the stars still even exist anymore.. its a trippy thought.
  3. Very Low percentage that a gamma ray will kill us. But if we got hit ....we ARE Depleated.:smoking:

  4. I dont think it will be like how u described. it will be like BOOM. and we all die in a millasecond.

  5. [​IMG]

    like that^^?....

    yea that is a pretty trippy thought.
  6. you could imagine it like a nuclear bomb....


    it would do the same thing almost but no physical concentrated explosion.

    nuclear bombs even burnt shadows of where people were into the ground.
  7. if thats going to be everyone... im going a couple hundred feet underground for a while, then its just a matter of getting back up, finding a big enough microwave and hoping nobody got stale!
  8. ^ that would suck soooo fucking bad. soo fuckin bad:(
  9. [​IMG]
  10. supposedly in 2012 the earth is supposed to align with the center of our galaxy, where theres a huge black hole thats sucking in planets and creating planets also. And its supposed to send a shitload of solar winds and gamma rays and the like down the corridor we would be aligned with, blowing us the fuck over :)
  11. I'd rather be sucked into a black hole than knocked off out orbit and freeze to death in a matter of hours.
  12. ill be high for the day.
  13. from the words of jim morrison. "im gonna get my kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flames"

  14. thats cool,i would rather turn in to bacon rather then be sucked in to a black hole,but 2012 is the galatic alighnment,no one really knows whats gonna happen then.

  15. And words to live by.

  16. i live by that phrase
  17. [​IMG]

    this is your brain on gamma rays

  18. By the time you saw it you would be dead

  19. damm,i might be temped to eat my brain
  20. this shit is makign me like freak out and thikn really hard about 2012. I always thought it was some nostradamus bullshit and never looked into it as I thought it was a religious proposition or whatever but now that I see its science I'm liike 'whoa wtf dude thats like 3 years form now' and other thoughts about how fucking crazy it is.

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