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GameStop drug test?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by themuffinman21, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. So I'm applying at GameStop to work cause the manager wanted me to work there, but as I was signing my application it said the job may be subject to give drug tests? Do I have anything to worry about here cause I just smoked a hell of a lot this morning as I do everyday😂

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  2. If it is policy to drug test, they can and will drug test.
    you want a minimum wage job that doesn't piss test?
    try any fast food joint.
  3. They never drug tested me. I was an assistant manager up in Alaska for almost a year...
  4. Does say that drug test will happen just says may happen

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    If a drug test comes back positive then what is the worse they will do?

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  5. the worst they can do is not hire you.. and put it on file so every other gamestop and their subsidiaries automatically won't hire you.
    but I guess it varies on location...
    roll the dice!
  6. You always have to say that it's ok for them to drug test you. I had to sign something like that for McDonald's but they never did. Good job on landing that job if you do!

    Stay Positive, Stay Based..
  7. Thanks man

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  8. It may be there to protect game stop for being sued in case you get injnured on the job. Or if a fire starts or something like that. If you test positive for THC, they can get you but you can't get them.
  9. I work maintence on a golf course usin heavy machinery and shit. When I filled out the application it said I had to pass a drug test (I was clean at the time anyway). I never had to take one and if they did drug test none of my coworkers would have jobs either. They're all on hard shit including my boss.

    I'll have my guns, money, and freedom... Y'all can keep y'all's change

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