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Gamestop and drug testing?

Discussion in 'General' started by Berzerker42500, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. I looked and came across some threads that were a little old,in regards of gamestop and their pre-employment drug screening.

    Most said no,but I just want to make sure.

    They are opening one up in my town and I desperately need a job,even if its part time.I've been smoking a few times a week,usually no more than twice a week and with 4/20 coming up(which also happens to be a good friends birthday)I wanna toke up,but I don't know if gamestop will give me the ol' piss test.

    Anyone know what the good word is?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. My friend worked there and said there was no drug test
  3. I feel like lots of the people that work at gamestop smoke weed, its a pretty straight stoner job
  4. I smoked on my way to gamestop one time, when i walked inside a few kids started smelling around looking to see who the stank was comin from...there was one older lady already in there so it was pretty fuckin obvious i was the culprit..big fuckin deal, its gamestop..the manager (some 20 year old punk) came up to me and no lie, this kid says to me " can you go breathe on that kid behind the counter,(the kid working the reg) i have to send him to a drug test this afternoon, and i want him to fail." he was obviously joking just tryin to call me out on smellin like the best tree he ever smelled in his life. now first off i hate it when fuckin people make stupid jokes to strangers, especially when its not funny. i mean im a friendly guy, you can talk to me, but if your gonna make a joke, be funny. the only thing i could say to this kid was "you guys fuckin drug test at gamestop???!!!"
    i was shocked and disgusted
    and still am.....
    i got into conversation with all of the employess(yea all 3 haha) and they were all pretty bummed out about gettin drug tested, they told me once a month they always have a random test, so they never got to smoke or do whatever their doc was...
    yea theres plenty of ways to pass a test but i didnt wanna get into it with em they were all pretty young, didnt want to get em into more trouble for tampering with a drug test or w/e they call it.

    sorry for the long post, you brought up a memory for me
  5. Maybe it depends on the store? 'Cause I've known quite a few stoners to work at Gamestop. :confused_2:
  6. I hope you guys are right!Cause it seems like it'd be a pretty chill job.

    I'm hoping those people were just fucking with bcharley cause he was high.Cause that would effin blow!But I can't really see any minimum wage company doing random drug tests every month,too much money on their part.

    I have a friend that worked for gamecrazy/hollywood video and there was no drug test,although they ask if you would submit one if they needed it.

    Wish me luck GC!
  7. I think it depends... So my advise is don't smoke for a while, and try to get the job. If you get it then wait a lil while and see if they test you, if not then your all good.
  8. This. Always a good method if you're unsure about a jobs testing policy.
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    Thank you... I feel so helpful... Lol but yea that's deff what I would do

  10. no they were not fuckin with me b/c i was "high"...you must live in the sticks b/c the only minimum wage job that didnt drug test in any city i lived in was waiter or a delivery boy.
    99% of franchises drug test.. its the small family owned business' that do not drug test most of the time..
    any on-the-books job i had i was randomly drug tested..not once a month tho, thats too much..and i think they only cost about $15 dollars and im pretty sure they took it out of my pay too..scumbags

  11. What city?
  12. Maybe its a state thing. In Florida my friend worked at McDonald's which is not a waiter or delivery boy job and he never had a drug test we even smoked with the manager at his house
  13. I've heard that some drug test and others don't. I have a friend up in Central Cali who got drug tested at Gamestop and failed for THC, the manager said it's cool he still got the job, they just don't want anyone on meth and shit. Of course this isn't everyone's policy just this really chill manager. Here in San Diego they don't drug test.
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    I think cali is more chill with anything marijuana related. Because on every application I fill out it says "california only: exclude convictions of marijuana possession if more then two years ago"
  15. I'm in So.Cal too,Palm Springs area.HOPEFULLY they don't.But hell it might not even open for another month or so.I really wanted to smoke up on 4/20 seeing as it's the national smoking day,but also a good friends birthday.
    Euro-Gamestop certainly doesn't drug test :laughing:
  17. This thread is over two years old.

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