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  1. I'm a member on a drum forum that has an online arcade for the members to play. The high scores are posted on the site. And member can play against other members in games. Is there any way to do this on GC? Just wondering. I think it could be cool.
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    I can't speak for GC since I just live here, not work here, but I can't really see that happening. The server deals with enough load from its real function, and I fail to see how providing games would add any value to the nature of the community, especially since there are a few million other places on the 'net to play games.

    Just my ten cents.
  3. Ill throw my dime in with osg's;)

  4. I agree with you, that with the server's and such (if you can't tell I know nothing about running a website) it may not be possible. I just thought it could be cool. I hardly ever use online game sites. The point if the arcade isn't entirely just for a place to play games. half the fun is challenging other members and playing with ppl from the forum.
  5. We won't be having an arcade anytime soon but thanks for the suggestion. :)
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