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  1. I've got this thing with a girl, she is fucking rad and smokes the herb and is insanely beautiful. However she is fucked, or fucking with my head.

    We will talk whenever we run into each other out of the blue. She also tends to message me at fucked up hours of the night also, like she will send me through a message at like 3AM and just ask what I'm doing whenever she is going out she will always inform me and try and convincethat I should come out and stuff. She always try's hard to get me to come out because im usually taking with my crew and going out isn't really my jam in the first place, and she sometimes succeeds. .

    So I'll head out with my buddies (whom she knows and is comfortable being around/talking to, and my buddies don't have a problem with her) and she will spot me, then like hang around and wait for me to spot her, and we will often make eye contact, it's not an awkward eye contact either. So as you do, I then approach her but she will bail off with someone else or by herself or whatever. So I usually have a quick look around and then if I can't find her, I'll join back up with my buddies.

    Also their has been a couple of times where she will find one of my friends when they are off wondering about and she will tell then for me to find her, so I don't understand?
    Hours may pass before seeing her in the club again, or she will be around other boys acting all flirty and stuff so I mind my own and try not to freak her out and let her be. However when her and I do kick it at the club she will be all over me, like holding my hand and leading me around to the bars and stuff, and always stand beside me when talking to her friends and stuff, and there is no way another girl is talking to me when I'm with her, she won't let them.

    But no matter what, if I am out, and she knows it, she will literally find me before she leaves and make me come over to her house. And it's not cause she is a drunk and wants someone to keep her company, because she could legit take home any guy in my city, like we won't even kiss or anything, I've tried so many times to take things to a next step but it's like she avoids it.

    It's doing my head in, all I want to know is what she wants from me I guess?
  2. Hahahahaha wow. Umm just wow. I'm generally the one to just say fuck her and dip in this sitch but wow that fuckin weird. Idk. Run. Run fast.
  3. Dude that's just the thing, I don't think I can. I'm stuck in this city and it's not really that big, quite small actually so I see her all over Facebook and around town, which makes it all that much harder to stop making conversation with her.

    Thanks for the advice anyway blade
  4. Eyy man. Just talk to her and ask her what u wanna know. If u dont like her answers man just leave her, but if ur really into this girl figure out why shes confusing
  5. Why the fuck are you askin' us?

    To be brutually honest it sounds like she just wants to dominate you with her pussy and she's doing a damn good job of it, either ask her or give her the cold shoulder, these beautiful chicks cannot stand when somebody doesn't wanna give them attention, drives them insane

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