Games You've Forgotten the Name of

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  1. I say we bring our nostalgic memories of games we've forgotten and try to use our vast resources to find them and identify them - for the greater good of mankind. With so many people here we are bound to have a level of success in answering questions, so let's see what we can't find out.

    When you're posting, try to dig up as many details about the graphics, soundtrack, system, type of gameplay, and whatever other defining characteristics that stick out in your mind after all this time. The more you can think of the more likely someone will know what you're talking about.

    I'll start off with an insanely obscure FPS that I remember playing back in the day on my first desktop computer, which probably ran Windows '95. This was a black and white shoot-em-up where you went through maze-like levels and you shot enemies with big smiles on their faces. All I can remember is using small handguns for weapons, although there may have been stronger weapons later in the game. It seemed kind of cartoonish but I somehow remember a sense of realism and a "this is messed up!" feeling when you were shot dead by those evil grinning bastards. Wish I could remember more, but that's all I've got.

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    Or are we talkin' completely black and white?
  3. Haha, it's on par with the impressiveness of the graphics, but nah the game I'm looking for was truly black and white, monochromed out like a mofo.
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    I remember playing this 2d sidescroller on a dos pc when I was young. You were this kid and you ran around killing zombies with your slingshot and whatnot.

    Nevermind I found it, it was a game called monster bash by apogee games.

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