Games You Played As A Kid, That Kids Today Cant Play

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  1. as it says, what games did you play as a kid that kids cant play now cuz the babying and overall pussification of the youth?
    I had quite a few, but the one that came to mind and gave me the idea to start this thread was simply called dirt clogs. we grab some compacted dirt, throw it at each other. only bad thing was the inevitable dirt in you eyes.
    another one, which I'm sure is still around but not as much is smear the queer. hopefully everyone knows that one.

  2. I also enjoyed smeer the queer, although we call it pommel the faggot. It is the same thing. The best was probably mumply peg, it was a fun game with pocket knifes. I play it with some friends in the woods today
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    Lawn darts 
    RIP  :(
  4. Remind me to avoid this place at all costs lol. I like being alive
  5. talk about a debbie downer, not to mention it smells like bs. 
  6. dangerous dave and scorched earth
  7. Anyone remember tag? Dodgeball?
  8. Back in elementary school we used to play a game called stuff the turkey. At recess we would do that foot counting thing that went Micky mouse had a house, dropped a brick on his dick, what color was his blood. The last person is "it" and everyone would jump on him and hold him down while shoving random things into his anus like rocks, twigs or bugs. I don't think kids play that anymore.
  9. That lava floor game. Not because society has pussified the youth, but because the youth has no imagination anymore,
  10. shit I forgot kids cant even play dodgeball anymore
  11. Hey I played the peg knife game to you ahead to flip the knife with all our first gets and land straight up lol loser gets leg winner hits it

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  12. Definitely lawn darts, we'd increase the spacing to three times what the rules said--just to make it interesting. Nothing like flinging a metal tipped projectile at a beloved family member!
  13. oh that reminds me of another. we called it screwdriver, 2 people play, you have to get the screwdriver straight in the ground, then the other person steps on where it landed, you go back and forth to try and get the other person to either fall unable to keep the split up or have the other hole unreachable. occasionally you end up with a sore loser that throws the screwdriver at someone's face.
  14. "mercy" first person to weaken up has their knuckles coming out of their hand
  15. Back in my day we used to have these things called "playgrounds" or "jungle gyms". Do kids these days even know what that is?
  16. cabbage... you gotta say cabbage after you say someone's name or you get beat up till you say cabbage.
    so Shaddy cabbage, grimm cabbage, blazed cabbage, Igotfire cabbage, Omega cabbage and so on.
    I think some people used to call it uncle.
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    Bulldog - where you gotta run to the other side without being taken out by the 'catchers' who lurk in the middle of the playing area
    People got hurt sometimes but they dealt with it, it was a fun game lol

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