Games you cannot play stoned

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  1. Mine would have to be Strike Fighters 2. Just wind up crashing the plane one way or another :p

    What about you guys? What games can you not play while stoned?
  2. Silent Hill 3; far too scarring.
  3. I absolutely cannot play Counter-Strike stoned. As in.....I'm completely pathetic. But its still fun for me even while stoned (as dead as Source is I still enjoy a little CS to kill time)
  4. I tried playing Mario Kart super baked, kept falling off the damn cliff.
  5. There is no game I can not play stoned. I am the baked gaming master!

    Maybe when I get a 3DS this weekend, I might not be able to game with 3D on when I'm baked, that shit will trip me out.

  6. hahahahaha...i love playing this game while stoned ive been crazy good at that game since i was like 7 years old

  7. post a review about the 3DS man ive been thinking about getting one
  8. Starcraft 2 multiplayer, far too much multitasking and speed decisioning in this game.
  9. Any RTS games except Warcraft 2.
  10. I can play any game high. My skill might slightly drop a little bit sometimes but it's still so fun it doesn't matter. Some games I can't play are racing and RTS games.. Sports too sometimes (though I hardly ever play those anyway). They're just not fast paced enough for when I'm high I feel like.
  11. Forza 3. I'm a fucking master sober but as soon as I hit the bong, I can't corner to save my life.

    Now Dead Island, that is a damn fine stoner game.
  12. A mate of mine just got Forza 3... we've been having a lot of fun getting the most basic cars and getting them the highest race rating we can.... my A class citroen C1 is... ridiculous.
  13. borderlands. Its fine when I'm just killing shit but I'm always getting lost
  14. warcraft 3 wayyy to much multitasking for my liking and i always fail lol. and counter strike source im not great to begin with but i get much much worse when weed comes into the picture
  15. anytime i get to the stoned point of dozing as im playing
  16. I cannot play BF3 high...i swear even on the lowest sensitivity i still jump all the fuck over when im high lol i play on like half when i not so.
  17. FIFA 12.

    I can make the ball hit anything BUT the back of the net. It's so funny too, cause my friends always call me out on it!!
  18. No such game exists!
  19. [quote name='"madmike420"']No such game exists![/quote]

    :metal: !

  20. My rx8 has over 1050HP and will smoke just about anything.

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