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  1. Any suggestions for video games to play while blazing??

    Some games I enjoy: little big planet, mortal kombat and blur

    Little big planet is definitely my favorite cause it can get pretty trippy
  2. I know this isn't what u wanna hear, but I love playing COD while I'm blowed, isn't there a new Mortal Kombat cuming out?
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    Yup it did already it rocks but COD is definitely not my type of game lol
  4. What do you look for in a video game? I'm sure there is something out there you'd enjoy, but it's all about ur style
  5. I play alot of COD but just got tiger 12 road to the masters and that game is the shit.
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    Anything trippy amusing lol god of war is good to watch but it's definitely hard finding a game that you'll enjoy for a while
  8. lol its funny that you triple posted this thread on the front page, because theres like 100 million of these threads already

    this is probably the most reposted thread on grasscity, even more than "is this good bud?" and "is my weed laced?"

    portal 2.
  9. smoke the most weed you ever have, play two or three rounds of COD and then pop in F.E.A.R. 2, that shit will trip you out at first.(also it's cool to play while trippin on shrooms)
  10. Red Dead Redemption is my favorite game to play high. There's nothing like roaming the wild west when you're baked. Oh yeah, and it's fun to go into a town, and tie someone up, and bring them to the middle of nowhere and throw dynamite at them. :smoke:
  11. Hawks 2, love gliding just above the water <3
  12. The last game I really got into when blazed was Mass Effect 2. I just got so into that universe, like nothing before. I lost a good 60 hours to that game.

    Red Dead Redemption was the game before that, that I really got into while blazed. Can I also recommend Just Cause 2. Nothing beats paragliding over beautiful scenery when your baked!
  13. Dead space 2 bruh.
  14. best game ever for stoned playing is bad company 2 online, trust me. it feels like a real fucking battle, and you get so immersed

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