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  1. What game is good to play while high and is there any game that's coming out that looks good to play while high. I've got a xbox 360,xbox one,ps3,ps4 and pc so only choose games for them consoles. I've recently bought Far cry 4 and Assassin Unity when they came out and they are awsome to play while high especially Far Cry 4 with it's scenary. 

  2. Best games i play while stone out of my mind is
    "Skyrim "
    "Darksouls 1 and 2 "
    And my fav one at the moment is "evil within "(if you like resident evil)
    Those game alon have amazing graphic,sick open worlds.
  3. Ive always like the gta games while stoned. Also Mario kart on game cube. The little sound when you shoot a turtle shell is crazy when ripped. :smoke:
  4. Skyrim, Dolby digital headphones highly suggested
    gears of war series
    grand theft auto series, esp san Andreas mobile
    dragons dogma, much less fun sober though
    duck hunt
    street fighter alpha series
    smash bros series
    valkyria chronicles
    world of warcraft, being stoned and working with people forsaking the traditional definition of the word fun...good times to be had
    metal gear solid,portable ops, and even ac!d, trippy shit when stoned, over the top sober and stoned
    "HD" remakes of games like centipede and galaga
    monster hunter tri
    parappa the rapper, should've been higher on the list
    five nights at Freddy's
    cyberia from psx, for its shitty rendition of futuristic graphics so unique in its trippiness I'd love to see a somehow enhanced version with the same concept art and models

    and of course.........Anything open world, especially ones were you can kill people randomly
  5. Skyrim,oblivion,nba,wow,pes,naruto,dead space 3,gta sa,gta 4,punisher,call of duty multiplayer ofc :))
  6. Far cry 4 has been consuming my life recently.
  7. I love playing on COD zombies I am untouchable while stoned :)
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    Fatal Frame. It will make you pee a little everytime something comes at you. Specially after smoking and getting sucked into the game world. I'd say Skyrim but I definitely played that game out.. so many hours of playtime.. I also dig some old classics like Fallout 1 and 2. Both good games to just sit and veg out on for a while. Morrowind is another game like that too. PC version is where it's at, download some mods to get rid of the attack rolls and you're good.
  9. All games are good while stoned. Weed and video games are like soul mates. But I think Little Big Planet is especially good whilst stoned.
  10. Have you played ratchet abd clank. It's probablys my favourite single player game to play stoned because it's so fun and addictive. It's quite trippy with the music and the level design. You can get the hd trilogy in the psn storein case you want to give it a try.
  11. Hmm I would play wario land 4 that's a old school game. If not I would suggest playing legend of zelda
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    Recently I've been switching between Farcry 4 and Terraria on PC. 
  13. I do all my gaming high anyway, but GTA has to be up there. For the amount of laughs it has given me and my friends throughout the series over the years. The little jokes and attention to detail they put in, as well as the hilarious gameplay and things you can do if you use your imagination, when you manage to make the game glitch or mess up. GTA and worms have had he most laughs.
    The latest one on next gen is stunning. Awsome game.
  14. My wife and I used to be so addicted to that game. We talk about getting another PlayStation every once in a while but we never do. Our son has a 360 and no Ratchet & Clank on Xbox so we're screwed on that deal. I saw about a week ago that a new one it's coming out for PS4, so we talked about it and daddy is getting a ps4 for Christmas.

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  15. Right now I'm really hyped over the D&D Neverwinter MMORPG. It's free, pretty decent graphics, but what makes it so good is the combat system that's pretty innovative. Really good customization options, plus it doesn't require a big gaming system so I can play on my laptop, which is two years old.

    Also, League of Legends can be fun sometimes. Or Dota 2 if you like the genre. Right now those two are pretty much what I play after a few tokes.
  16. Dragon's Dogma has been my favorite so far.. But far cry 4 is awesome while baked..
  17. Agreed, but with one small amendment. Mario kart on ANY system is amazing while stoned! lol...
  18. This is well said. Also, little big planet games are made with incredible attention to detail and quality. Have you ever played little big planet karting? Basically Mario kart but Little big planet style! It's amazing. I definitely recommend it.
  19. Super smash bros!
  20. Last night I got stoned and played pokemon black, it was divine

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