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  1. Hey dear dudes and dudettes!
    My name is Mark, i'm new and i come from the Netherlands (probably known as Amserdam, or "paradise" to you) Anyway, i was looking for fun games to get high. Just like a drinking game, but with weed. Maybe it's a good idea to share our games here.
    For instance, In Holland we have a game called: "Past het in je broekzak?" (Does it fit in the pocket of your pants?) 
    The rules: Someone starts by naming a word, for example: Deer. The person next to him, takes a bong/joint hit (hold it in) and has to look for an object in the house that starts with the last letter of the previous word. In this case "R". 
    Once the object is found (for example a Remote control) the person has to show that the object can fit into the pocket of his pants. If it does, he/she may now blow out the smoke, and the next person takes a hit, and looks foor something that starts with an L and fits into his/her pocket.
    If the person fails to hold in the smoke, he/she will have to do 3 more hits, a strikeout, or whatever you can think of.
    As you may have realized, this can get nearly impossible. Wich is a good thing, as everyone who's playing will have to get high.
    I'm looking for more of these games. Wich ones do you have?

    Watch Katt Williams stand up, and every time he says the word "Nigga" you have to take a shot or take a hit, or both.
    Some other games...well, it's not really a game, but my friend does this thing where he takes a hit of weed, holds it in, then takes a shot, and then blows out the smoke. Apparently it gets you fucked up, though, never tried it.
    You can make a lot of games like the katt williams one. For example, watch Bill Cosby show, and take a shot, hit, or both, everytime he makes a funny face.
    Just obvious things that'll get you fucked up.
    Theres the never have I ever game:
    This is where you say "Never have I ever..." and then say something that you never have done before, and if someone else sitting around you has done it, then they have to take a shot, hit, or both.
    For example, if there's a virgin at the table, and he says "Never have I ever had oral sex" but everyone else at the table has, then everyone else has to take a shot, hit, or both, except for the person who has never done it as well.
    That's all I got lol
  3. Great!
    that reminds me! we also have "Zap de neger" (Zap the nigger, although neger is not such an insulting word) 
    You pick a tv channel on the remote, and if a black guy shows up on the channel within the first 10 seconds, you have to take a hit)
    If you live in Africa, it's probably better to do it with white people or something. and you can make other rules like: asian = three bong hits or such. (No racism intended of course)
    BTW a strikeout is when you take a hit, drink a shot and a beer, and then blow out the smoke, pretty similar to what your friend does i guess.
  4. i dont really know any, but that first game you mentioned in the first post sounds awesome.  definitely going to try that one out.
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    Mexican Sweat. sit in a circle of 5 or more heads and hold your hit until the implement comes back to you. its not  racist because i live in Texas, and all Mexican citizens are here anyway.
    and why is J. Edgar Hoover tagged?
  6. Oh yeah i forgot who J. Edgar Hoover was, but it's ok i googled it and now i know again
  7. Smoke every time The Dude says "Man"
    God luck and good speed.
  8. There is a game called "infamous" where you go around sucking up electricity from all kinds of electrical things in the city. Then you can shoot bolts at people. Graphics are intense. I tripped on that game. It's a few years old but still trippy.
  9. Around the World.
    The more people, the better.
    First person in circle takes hit and passes. Next person takes hit and passes. Etc.
    Hit has to be held in until the joint/blunt returns.

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