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  1. Hey guys I have a Mac but I've really been wanting to play this game I had Been playing when I was a kid called Rise of Nations but since it's a windows game I can't fucking play it. I can't use my bootcamp but I was wondering if you guys know anyway I can do this? I really really miss this game and I would rep the shit out of anyone that can help me play this game again. I just wanna know a way I can play this windows game on my leopard MacBook Pro.

    ANY INPUT WOULD BE AMAZING. Thank you again.
  2. You can't. lol Gaming on a mac just doesn't work good to begin with.

    But running a windows PC just isn't feasible. You'd have to be sideloading Windows in some way to do it, since you can't use boot camp. Using programs like Parallels. But they won't be able to run games well at all. it's very laggy and slow just doing simple tasks.

  3. Sorry, you're not my type.
  4. [quote name='"DrSheldonCooper"']

    Sorry, you're not my type.[/quote]

  5. I tried league of legends for Mac, it sucks, retina display is only good for 1080p smut.
  6. I have Gta3 and San Andreas on my mac, and I play Company of Hero's and gta4 through bootcamp on my windows side sometimes, they all run flawlessly. Anyone that says you can't game on a mac hasn't bought a newer mac or just hasn't found the right games. I will admit that any newer highly/graphically intensive games probably won't run very well, if at all. If you want to game, build a nice gaming PC or get a console, most people that own macs are aware of the fact that they're not really for gaming and don't use them for such. I'm one of those people that's why I have my 360/PS3/PC.
  7. you can play games on a mac.


    check it out.
  8. I played Diablo 3 on my brothers MacBook. I was terribly impressed how well it handled it.

    I hate Macs, or most apple products for that matter but it handled it surprisingly well.
  9. Check out the Mac App Store, the have a ton of pretty decent full games.
    Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 came out just over a a month ago, and is now the #7 top grossing app of all Mac App Store time.
    They also have Vice City, San Andreas, Civ 5, and other very good games.
    I have SA, tycoon, and civ 5.
    They all work perfectly, not a single frame rate issue or loading issue.

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  10. I guess I stand corrected. Haha.
  11. I've never used it myself (don't own a Mac) but my friends use it all the time.

    Here are some resources:

    WineHQ - Getting Help


    The forums are probably your best bet.

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